Aug 26, 2022
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Dana Borisova after plastic surgery began to look even worse


Presenter Dana Borisova shocked with her appearance after plastic surgery.

A few months ago, Dana Borisova had two liposuctions. The star honestly admitted that she was not too pleased with the result of surgical interventions.

According to her, the fat did not really return to the places treated by the specialist, but other areas of the body began to “swell before our eyes.”

It rarely happens that the surgeon does liposuction evenly, without bumps and depressions. And then their own new volumes are added, and the body begins to resemble a hilly-mountainous area“, – said Dana.

To clearly demonstrate the result of the operations, Borisova published a picture on the social network in which she posed in a bikini.

Dana Borisova after liposuction
Dana Borisova after liposuction

Horror, the whole stomach is covered with tubercles”, “The result, of course, is not very good. Thank you for your honesty. They warned others”, “At least one wrote and showed the truth. Well done”, “Looks creepy“, they said.

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