Aug 7, 2022
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Dana Borisova accused Olga Buzova of drunkenness


Presenter Dana Borisova is outraged by the behavior of the singer.

Recently, the actions of Olga Buzova have shocked not only her many fans, but also representatives of show business. So, TV presenter Dana Borisova, having seen the performance of the singing presenter at VK Fest, was indignant at her behavior.

Olga Buzova - photo from the archive -
Olga Buzova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Her statement about big penises is such a shame, such a disgrace! It was so disgusting, so unexpected, to yell like that from the stage. I can only explain this by the fact that she was blown away by the strong use of alcohol. Those who drink a lot of alcohol, especially women, completely lose their sense of shame and modesty. They act provocatively“, – said Dana Borisova “Express newspaper”.

Recall that Dana Borisova struggled with alcohol and other addictions for several years. She successfully completed the treatment and now does not touch alcohol.

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