Sep 13, 2021
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Daily Mail: In Poland, the idea of ​​leaving the EU was voiced

The confrontation between Brussels and Warsaw is reaching a new level – in response to the EU’s demand to cancel the judicial reform carried out in the country, the Polish ruling conservative Law and Justice party recalled that there is a way out of every situation, in this case there is a secession from the EU, writes the British newspaper Daily mail

If Poland refuses to cancel the reform, it faces a huge fine for every day of “disobedience.”

Representative of the party “Law and Justice” Ryszard Terletsky in his speech at the economic forum in Poland, he warned the European Union that the country “will have to look for radical solutions” in the confrontation with Brussels and cited the example of Great Britain, which left the EU.

“Poland would like to stay in the European Union and maintain cooperation, but at the same time the European Union must be acceptable to us. If things go on like this, we will have to look for radical solutions. The British showed that the dictatorship of the Brussels bureaucracy is not suitable for them, turned around and left, ”

– quotes Daily mail Tyrletsky’s speech at the forum.

Daily Mail: Poland voiced the idea of ​​leaving the EU

As for the fine for Warsaw’s refusal to cancel the judicial reform, as required by the European Union, Poland will have to pay one million euros for every day that is overdue. Brussels believes that the Polish authorities, with the adopted laws, undermine the independence of the judiciary and are trying to strengthen their control over the courts, which violates European laws, the newspaper notes. However, there is one more punishment – Poland will not be given money to restore the economy after the coronavirus pandemic, which is 36 billion euros, and obstinate Hungary will be punished in the same way.

And although Warsaw has already promised to disband “in the coming months” the Disciplinary Chamber of Judges, the creation of which so outraged the European Union, the EU is not inclined to abolish the penalties.

“Polish opposition politicians, in particular the ex-head of the European Council Donald Tusk, immediately accused the ruling party of threatening Poland’s membership in the European Union with such statements, recalling that the analogy with Britain is wrong – Britain was one of the donors of the European Union,”

– writes Daily mail

Another important argument against Poland’s exit from the European Union is that the Polish economy cannot exist without European subsidies, which was explained to Terletsky. He has already apologized, explaining his speech with “emotions.” Nevertheless, the idea, which was previously just in the air, was said aloud, the publication emphasizes and concludes: “Poland currently has a serious crisis of international confidence, because it managed to quarrel with all neighbors without exception.”

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