May 29, 2022
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Daily Express: Ukraine’s supply routes within NATO under the threat of a Russian strike

Britain continues to escalate the threat of World War III

british newspaper Daily Express writesthat Britain was concerned about possible strikes by the Russian Armed Forces on the logistics centers of NATO countries due to the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

Article author Charlie Bradley (Charlie Bradley) does not rule out a further escalation of the conflict with the involvement of the West in it. After all, Western countries continue to support Ukraine in the form of arms supplies.

Earlier, the head of the UK Treasury announced plans to allocate another $1.6 billion to help Ukraine.

This package includes the previously announced by the Prime Minister of the Kingdom Boris Johnson £300m military aid planned for electronic warfare equipment, radar systems, jamming equipment GPS and night vision devices.

In addition, recently the President of the United States Joe Biden signed a bill allocating $40 billion to Ukraine. Later it became known that the administration of the American leader decided to send Ukraine American multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS). Presumably, we are talking about the supply of American M270 MLRS, which can be equipped with satellite-controlled M31 GMLRS missiles. Their range is from 70 km.

Political expert Neil Melvin, director of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, noted that a military special operation could develop into a full-scale clash between the Russian Federation and the states of the West.

“There are justified fears that in the event of a possible loss, the Russians will be overcome by despair. Therefore, their troops will try to strike large-scale supply lines on the territory of the countries of the NATO military bloc. For example, on bases in Poland. It’s a risk, of course.” he noted in an interview with a journalist Daily Express.

What is a “possible loss” in the conditions of the transition to the control of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the DPR and the LPR of more and more territories in the east and south of Ukraine, the expert did not explain.

Melvin also noted that while the strikes are carried out exclusively on the territory of Ukraine. But the situation, according to him, can change dramatically at any moment.

Another expert stressed that at the moment the supply of weapons is well established – writes Daily Express. True, he also did not explain why the weapons supplied by the West to Ukraine do not reach the front line (for the most part). Apparently, the main thing is that its supplies to Poland are “well established”.

It is not at all surprising that the British, including Daily Express continue to escalate the situation around the theme of the clash between NATO and Russia. Great Britain wants not only to strengthen its positions in the world, but also to become the main geopolitical player, moving not only Europe, but also the United States. And Ukraine in the British scenario means nothing at all, just like Poland, which has become the main logistics center of the West, through which the largest arms supplies to Ukraine are carried out.

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