Oct 30, 2021
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Daily Express readers criticized an article about Russia’s preparation for an attack on the FRG


Daily Express readers criticized an article about Russia's preparation for an attack on the FRG
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Users dubbed such statements “anti-Russian nonsense.” In their opinion, the war in Europe is the last thing the Russian Federation is interested in.

“It is not in Putin’s interests to start a war in Europe. He doesn’t need it. In general, it is worth putting the EU in its place from time to time, and do not say that they don’t need it, ”the user expressed his opinion.

Many reminded the German newspaper of the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who by his decisions averted the energy crisis in Europe. Users believe that Russia is doing everything to help countries whose authorities have created disorder in the economy and society.

“What, of course, they forgot to say, is that a few days ago Putin instructed Gazprom to pump more natural gas into the EU through pipelines than is required under the contract to replenish gas storage facilities,” the reader noted.

Russia, for its part, has repeatedly stated that it is not going to show any aggression towards other countries. The same cannot be said about NATO, whose military equipment is quite often recorded at the borders of the Russian Federation. In addition, the Alliance does not hesitate to conduct exercises aimed at simulating battles with the Russian Armed Forces.

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