Aug 27, 2022
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Daily Express: “Damn Dozen” of Russian Armed Forces bases in the Arctic caused alarm at the Pentagon

Daily Express:

Russia has put Pentagon strategists on edge by building 13 new military bases and beefing up its presence in the Arctic, according to the Daily Express.

The tabloid columnist Sean Melidi noted that the Pentagon has already promised to increase its presence in the Arctic region as a response. For the sake of this, the White House even established the post of ambassador to the Arctic. PolitRussia cites Melidi’s article in retelling.

The observer believes that, despite the growing competition with China, the main concern of the United States is Russian military bases, as well as Russia’s powerful weapons.

“Moscow has also stepped up patrols carried out by MiG-31BM interceptors and Tu-22M3 bombers launched from these bases,” the author noted.

Melidi also noted that the growing military strength of the Russian Federation began to cause concern not only for the Pentagon, but also for US allies in NATO.

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