Sep 15, 2020
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Dagestani was able to lose weight by almost ten kilograms in five hours

66-year-old Dagestani Bahama Aygubov got into the Russian Book of Records, losing 9.3 kg during a five-hour run, it is reported on the website of the regional ministry of physical culture and sports.

During the race, doctors monitored his health. After the finish, they measured the blood pressure of the record holder. It turned out to be normal, the runner felt well.

In a solemn atmosphere, Aygubov was awarded a certificate of the Russian Book of Records. In addition, the video recording of his race is planned to be sent to the Guinness Book of Records.

The department noted that Aygubov is a veteran of Dagestan sports. He became the winner and medalist of the national, European and world championships in various types of martial arts.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian tricolor deployed in the sky with an area of ​​5 thousand square meters was not included in the Guinness Book of Records due to US sanctions.

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