Aug 27, 2022
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Dad, who promised to fulfill all the requests of his daughter, had to dress up as Cinderella

dad dressed up as cinderellaDavid and Joe Aytok dreamed of a child for many years. When the tenth IVF procedure finally worked, the future father made a solemn promise.

dad dressed up as cinderella

A resident of Greater Manchester (England) vowed that he would pamper his daughter and fulfill all her desires. Now David strives to become the kindest and best father for his little Indy. The girl does not grow up overly spoiled, but sometimes the promise to fulfill her daughter’s desires goes sideways to dad. For example, recently a 5-year-old inventor wished that her father would go for a walk with her and the dogs, dressed up in Cinderella’s fancy dress.

dad dressed up as cinderella

David had to try on a completely new and unusual image. Of course, he was pleased with how happy his daughter was, but he was still embarrassed – especially after the kids began to approach him on the street asking why his uncle was dressed like Cinderella. But adult neighbors applauded the father of the family, saying that his daughter would surely remember the cute eccentricity for a long time.

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