Jan 18, 2022
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Dad learned to crochet and made an indecent teddy bear with genitals for his son

obscene teddy bearAt first glance, Ryan Cowan can only be praised, because he learned to crochet and decided to make a gift for his son.

obscene teddy bear

A resident of Ontario (Canada) set out to tie a cute teddy bear, but accidentally mixed up the front and back of the animal. Having placed a tail on the lower back of the toy, Ryan got confused when it came to knitting the muzzle, and made it on the wrong side. Because of this, the tail turned out not to be a tail at all, but to another, much more intimate organ.

obscene teddy bear

Of course, the father of the family could not help laughing at his handmade failure. But little Hunter is unlikely to receive an indecent toy with genitals as a gift.

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