May 12, 2021
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Czechs demand repentance and money from Putin

Photo: ammunition depot in Vrbetica

Pictured: Vrbetica ammunition depot (Photo: Vladimir Prycek / CTK / Global Look Press)

The Czech Republic will demand from Russia at least a billion kronor (more than $ 47 million) in compensation for the explosions at an ammunition depot in Vrbetica in 2014. According to RBC, the Minister of Finance of the country announced this on the air of Czech television. Alena Shillerova

The amount of claims is most likely not final, since the authorities of the affected region may put forward their claims, including compensation for moral damage and compensation for the inability to use property, since the release from the scattered ammunition in the affected areas is still not finalized.

At the same time, Alena Shillerova admitted that there are few chances of receiving money from Russia.

In turn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Yakub Kalganek reported that the authorities decided to apply for compensation in the coming weeks or months.

“International responsibility for the unlawful actions of the authorities of the Russian Federation will be assigned to the Russian side after the completion and assessment of consultations on this issue with some of our allies. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is preparing a diplomatic note on behalf of the government, ”he added.

Earlier, Kulganek has already stated that the Czech Republic may demand from Russia an apology or material compensation for the destruction caused by the explosions in Vrbetica, but did not name a specific amount.

– It is unlikely that the Czechs will be able to get money from Russia, – believes Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Regional Studies and Foreign Policy of the Russian State University for the Humanities Vadim Trukhachev

– But they may well arrest the accounts and real estate of some of the representatives of the Russian elite. In any case, it is thanks to such a lever that the Czech Republic behaves so arrogantly and unceremoniously.

“SP”: – And they are not obnoxious? Why waste time on trifles, maybe they will count billions? Maybe even the relatives of the victims privately will demand something?

– As long as too many representatives of the Russian elite keep a lot of money in the Czech Republic, they will thrash. Here, even without the support of the EU and NATO, the Czechs feel cool. And even more so when elections are coming up there, and Russia has turned into an intra-Bohemian bargaining chip … In the fall, they can increase the amount.

The madhouse will last at least until the elections in the Czech Republic on October 9-10. And the departure of the Czech story from our information space should not be expected. The Czech Republic, as it gave several reasons a year to talk about itself, will continue to do so. Until Russia hits the Czech Republic with money, such antics will continue.

“SP”: – The Czechs will demand money, then the Bulgarians, well, the Balts will join – they have the same “occupation”. Could a chain reaction follow?

– Yes maybe. But the Czech Republic in this case is stronger than Bulgaria, the Baltic states, and even Poland. She is richer than all of them, and in principle can do without Russia. Albeit with a small hole in the budget. Again, the question is to punish with money.

“SP”: – Against this background, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia called for an end to the “negative spiral” in the development of relations with Russia. Are the Slovaks not quite as crazy as the Czechs yet? And their former prime minister recently declared about “monstrous Russophobia” …

– In Slovakia, the demand for Russophobia is less than in the Czech Republic. But you have to keep your ears open with them. Slovak foreign policy is closely related to the Czech one. You have to understand that Slovakia will never go against the Czech Republic. At best, the Slovaks will remain silent.

“SP”: – Is it possible to stop this “spiral” at all? What needs to happen for this?

– The spiral can be stopped as soon as Russia becomes stronger. And not only militarily. The same Czechs and Slovaks need to make it clear that Russophobia will result in material damage for them. And we must not forget that in Europe everything depends not only on Germany and France. Something also depends on the Czech Republic and even Malta. This is how the European Union works. What is happening in the Czech Republic must be taken very seriously. She may well arrange trouble for us.

It doesn’t really matter whether the Czechs manage to get at least something for the explosions in Vrbetica, the main task has already been completed – we are discussing the real consequences of the absolutely unfounded accusation against our country.

– Naturally, the Czechs do not expect to receive any compensation, they only strive to poison the relations between the two countries as much as possible, – I am sure political scientist Andrey Milyuk

Hang this “debt” on Russia so that even the pro-Russian government of the country, if elected, would not be able to return to normal relations with Moscow. Indeed, by this time, repeated lies will become a general statement that does not require special evidence.

Pay attention to the ease with which a small Eastern European country makes us in international diplomacy. Photoshop with documents of two cartoon characters from the Russian hinterland was enough for Russia to start making excuses.

In politics, one should always avoid making excuses – the “sediment” will remain in any case. Moreover, passive tactics should be avoided – you need to attack yourself, and not wait for the enemy’s attacks. This is exactly what the Czech Republic does, and Russian diplomacy … Again, concern about the actions of partners, again general words about Russophobia. And now we are in suspense watching what will happen next, what other knees the Czechs will throw out.

And they won’t make us bored. Look, the rest of the EU countries are already taking “weakly”. Since there is no evidence of Russia’s involvement, it is necessary to back up the accusations with the authority of other states. And these appeals are not directed to the Baltic dwarfs – these will send out as many Russian diplomats as they need – the appeals are addressed to the flagships of the European Union, Germany and France.

They are still in no hurry to help their younger comrades: the diplomatic scandal will be followed by blows to the economy and trade with Russia. But this is why a “cordon sanitaire” from the former countries of the socialist camp is needed – to fight with our country with their economies, so that the economies of the beneficiary countries can continue to flourish.

Old-fashioned Russian diplomacy lacks healthy audacity. “Courtyard diplomacy” is becoming the norm in international relations – perhaps to the minister Lavrov take a refresher course in some depressed town in the Russian outback? There, in the sleeping quarters, he would be taught how to behave in the international arena.

To begin with, it would be good to learn that even verbal attacks against Russia are already detrimental to our country. And the words of individual politicians must be answered with sanctions, economic pressure – to beat the wallet, in short.

It is clear that the Russian Foreign Ministry does not want to incite the pro-Russian part of Czech society, conditional voters against us. Taken, but let’s admit – they are not now setting the policy of their country. It is not enough just to be a “friend of Russia”; concrete actions are needed in favor of our country. Otherwise, it all becomes like a game of “good and bad Czech”. For years, Moldovans have been leading the Kremlin by the nose in such games, why are the next “brothers” worse?

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