Nov 25, 2021
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Czech President was discharged from hospital

Czech President Milos Zeman was discharged today from the Central Military Hospital in Prague, where he has been undergoing treatment since October 10, Czech TV reports.

The politician was transported to Lana’s country residence, where he will undergo a course of home treatment.

One of the attending physicians of the head of state, surgeon Pavel Pafko said that Zeman suffers from a chronic disease he has cirrhosis of the liver and a feeding tube was inserted into his stomach.

According to the head of the medical council overseeing Zeman’s health, the rector of Charles University Tomas Zima, a doctor should not be constantly present at the Lana residence – regular monitoring of the president’s health is sufficient.

Zima also noted that for the constant care of Zeman, it is necessary to allocate 5-7 qualified employees, and a third of them may be employees of the residence or Prague Castle. First of all, they would provide the patient with adequate nutrition and the necessary rehabilitation, explained Zima.

Tomorrow Zeman plans to appoint the leader of the winning parliamentary coalition Together, Peter Fialu, as prime minister. Presumably, the ceremony will take place at Lana’s residence. After that, the president is going to hold meetings with some of the candidates for the ministerial posts in the same place.

Earlier in November, Zeman accepted the resignation of the Czech government and instructed to form a new cabinet.

Also, the head of the Czech Senate Milos Vystrchil said that there was no reason to deprive Zeman of his powers. According to the medical consilium, the president is capable of performing some work duties.

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