Jan 23, 2021
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Cut off the side electrode and get more stable engine operation

Engine stability is highly dependent on spark plugs. At such high revs, even a negligible delay in sparking is accompanied by a loss of power. By modifying the spark plugs in this way, you will remove misfires and the engine will run like clockwork.

We cut off the side electrode and get more stable engine operation

Required tool:

  • hacksaw for metal;
  • file;
  • probe.

Candle rework process

Before reworking, if the candles are not new, they must be cleaned. Dimexide dissolves carbonization well, phosphoric acid removes carbon deposits from the additives on the central insulator.

Cleaned spark plug

For candles, the side electrode is shortened. As a result, the spark does not skip along the axis of the candle, but perpendicular to it, which changes the flame front.

The side electrode is shortened at the candles

After trimming, a gap of 1 mm is set on the candles. The center electrode can be chamfered with a drill, but this is not necessary. After such a refinement, the car will be easier to start, the twitching on a cold one will disappear. Please note this upgrade does not apply to iridium and platinum spark plugs.

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