Jul 31, 2022
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Customer kicked out of store for being too attractive

too attractive womanBrazilian Lara Ferreira said that in a supermarket in Miami (Florida, USA) she was severely insulted by one of the employees.

too attractive woman

The model, who regularly posts on ‘Only Fans’, was asked rather rudely to leave the store. Rather, they simply kicked her out with screams, saying that the appearance of the customer was too scandalous. True, Lara did not begin to expand on what exactly she was wearing, but stated that in her native Brazil, no one finds fault with such a look. The lady is sure that the reason for the rudeness of the seller lies in the prejudice towards too attractive and “hot” women.

too attractive woman

However, upon reflection, Lara came to the conclusion that the supermarket employee could recognize her from her profile in Only Fans. Perhaps the man thought that the lady was about to start filming herself for another incendiary selfie, and therefore drove her away. However, Lara admitted that to suspect her of something like this is complete nonsense. When she records videos and takes photos, she always makes sure not to offend or embarrass anyone.

The model is sure that she was kicked out of the plane because of her chest, weighing 10 kilograms


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