Apr 20, 2022
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Currency patriots of Yakunin

In the photo: Vladimir Yakunin

In the photo: Vladimir Yakunin (Photo: Alexander Ryumin / TASS)

After a long pause, a British citizen and the head of the private investment company VIY Management finally expressed his attitude to the hostilities in Ukraine Andrey Yakunin. The eldest offspring of the former head of the Russian Railways and a veteran of the Soviet KGB Vladimir Yakunin turned out to be an adherent of the accuser of his clan – the liberal oppositionist Alexei Navalny. In an interview with the Italian channel “La7” Yakunin Jr. said that he was “against the military invasion of Ukraine.” Emphasizing that he never voted for Vladimir Putinwith whom dad established the famous dacha cooperative “Lake”.

Meanwhile, Yakunin Papa is extremely outraged by the inclusion of his person in the sanctions list. After all, he has long been no longer the main railway worker in Russia, but a modest head of the international institute “Dialogue of Civilizations” with headquarters in Berlin – for which he obtained a residence permit in Germany. And the institution’s position on the Ukrainian issue is as unambiguous as that of Yakunin’s son. To the question of the Kommersant newspaper: “Who benefits from whipping up tensions around Ukraine?”, head of scientific research at the Yakunin Institute Alexey Malashenko answered without hesitation: “First of all, it is beneficial for Vladimir Putin. This is a great way to show how great he is. To show that Russia is a significant power and can frighten and put, if not on its knees, then in some pose, the entire West, who came, agreed when it all started.

Everything is logical. The son conducted business in close cooperation with the structures of the pope. Either he will deploy a network of railway hotels and service the pension accounts of Russian Railways, or he will acquire Rosvagonmash, which, among other things, is engaged in the procurement of scrap metal, and the sale of decommissioned cars and other property of Russian Railways. And the company “Universal Financial System”, controlled by a Cypriot lawyer close to Andrei Veroy Lissiotisaccidentally became a monopoly on the sale of electronic railway tickets. By 2015, the total assets of VIY Management reached 400 million dollars, and what are the family capitals now, taking into account the commerce of the youngest son, a citizen of Cyprus, Viktor Yakunin? For the sake of their salvation from sanctions, one can easily step over Russia, not to mention some provincial Donbass. It is not for nothing that Vladimir Ivanovich himself, defining his life credo, admitted: “I want to consume, consume, consume.”

It is symbolic that among all the people from the Ozero cooperative, it was Yakunin who was considered almost the most sovereign and spiritually strong. Criticism of his family business met with a harsh rebuff from many disinterested patriotic publicists: from the Moscow magazine “However” to the TV presenter Mikhail Leontiev to the inhabitant of Spain Ukrainian-Israeli science fiction writer Lev Vershinin. Among other things, it was noted that Vladimir Ivanovich created a wonderful youth association “Center of National Glory of Russia”. True, with the aggravation of the international situation, it suddenly dissipated, and for some reason there are no nationally glorious activists in the same Donbass. It seems that, following the example of the former breadwinner, they consume, which, however, they did before. Vladimir Ivanovich raised the young in his own image and likeness, as well as his sons.

The former commissars of the sub-Kremlin youth movement Nashi did not show up in the trenches either. While state funding was going on, almost half a billion rubles in 2007-2010 alone, not counting private donations, choked with love for the president at thousands of rallies. The money ran out – they fled in all directions. The most cunning type of press secretary of the movement Robert Schlegel and enthusiastically kissing Putin Masha Drokova for NATO countries. The less fortunate remained and take out their anger on the volunteers fighting in the Donbass.

Here the “Nashi” are completely united with the liberals. Commissioner Christina Potupchik gleefully giggled over the death of the commander of the Sparta battalion Arsen Pavlov (“Motorola”) and erotically photographed with one of the leaders of “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky Maria Baronova. Head of the “Orthodox Corps” of Nashi Boris Yakemenko delighted with the police raid on the Listva bookstore, where meetings are held with the National Bolsheviks returning from the trenches * and humanitarian aid is collected for the front. The currency patriotism of Yakunin’s Yakemen does not outrage – they are of the same blood. More precisely, they feed on the same blood, which their kind will suck from Russia for a very long time.

* National Bolsheviks are activists of the interregional public organization “National Bolshevik Party”, which is recognized as extremist and its activities in Russia are prohibited by the decision of the Moscow City Court of April 19, 2007.

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