Jan 10, 2022
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Cumhuriyet: USA failed to turn Kazakhstan into a second Ukraine

Washington lacks the strength to sustain chaos in the region

“The riots in Kazakhstan are interpreted as an operation of two major world powers fighting each other. One side claims that what is happening is an attempt at a velvet revolution by the United States, while the other claims that this is a Russian operation aimed both at demonstrating strength in front of the United States and at weakening the Organization of Turkic States. However, it is obvious that the interpretation of events as the work of Russia’s hands is unconvincing. Since the chaos in Kazakhstan will not strengthen the position of Russia in front of the United States, but will definitely strengthen the position of the United States in front of Russia, given Washington’s desire to consolidate the Ukrainian front, “

– reports a Turkish daily newspaper Republic

Cumhuriyet: USA failed to turn Kazakhstan into a second Ukraine

The publication reminds that there was quite a serious reason for the mass protests in Kazakhstan: the dismissal of 40 thousand workers in the energy sector and a sharp increase in the price of fuel. However, the authorities reacted quickly – prices were reduced, the government resigned. The demands were fair, the goal of the protests was achieved, but the protests did not stop, because the forces entered the game, wanting to take advantage of the situation. In addition, there is every reason to consider what happened in Kazakhstan a typical attempt at an “orange coup”, especially if we take into account the intervention of some structures working for the funds of the West, statements by the leaders of the Kazakh opposition, as well as the presence of a headquarters for coordinating the actions of protesters on the territory of Ukraine.

According to the author of the article Mehmet Ali Guller (Mehmet Ali Guller), it was not only the United States and Britain that decided to take advantage of the just (at the initial stage) protests. There are well-grounded statements that internal forces did not stand aside either. For example, after the resignation of the government, the current president of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev headed the Security Council instead of the ex-president Nursultan Nazarbayevwho ruled the country for almost thirty years. As a result, Tokayev only strengthened his power, because in this country, standing on the feudal-clan fault lines at the very top, there is the Nazarbayev family (clan) – in the hands of this family all the country’s large companies, the energy sector, large assets both in Kazakhstan and in the West, and all this, quite naturally, causes a negative reaction from the public, the newspaper reminds.

“The place of Kazakhstan on the geographical map makes this country extremely important from the point of view of the struggle of major powers between the United States and China – Russia. Of course, the United States is the country that would be most pleased with the unrest south of Russia, against which it has already opened a front in the west. America benefits from the emergence of a new problem in Central Asia after Afghanistan, from which it had to leave, and here they are glad for the chaos on the route of the Chinese One Belt, One Road project. However, in Kazakhstan, unlike Ukraine, the United States does not have the strength to achieve these goals and maintain chaos. In other words, the USA will not be able to make Ukraine out of Kazakhstan ”,

– states Republic

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