May 14, 2022
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Crusade to the East: Poland called for the eradication of the Russian world as a “cancer”

Pictured: Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Pictured: Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. (Photo: Zuma/TASS)

I remember that in early April, the Vice Prime Minister of Poland, and concurrently the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Peter Glinskycalled for the “disappearance” of Russian culture from public space.

“We appreciate the achievements of this culture in music or literature. They are at the highest level, but we are dealing with a country that has gone crazy,” he said, in particular, arguing that it is not good to put Russian classics on world stages and admire Russian ballet when Russia shows such “aggression”.

But this Russophobic appeal absolutely pales in the light of the new openly hateful statement of the Polish authorities.

The other day, the head of the Polish government himself Mateusz Morawiecki in his column for The Telegraf, he called the ideology of the “Russian world” the ideology of the “Russian world”, with which Russia “substantiates its fictitious rights and privileges”, as the basis of the idea of ​​a “special historical role” of the Russian people.

“It is not enough to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia. We must completely eradicate this monstrous new ideology,” said Morawiecki, in particular, arguing that “Russia will not stop at Kyiv” and “it is up to us to decide where we will stop it” in its “long march in the West.”

True, Pan Morawiecki somehow lost sight of the fact that there is only one way to destroy the “monstrous ideology”, like a “cancerous tumor”, by destroying Russia itself. Because this very “Russian world” has always been, is and will be an integral part of the Russian mentality.

How did Russia, which has always shown enviable tolerance for other people’s “overshoots”, annoy Poland so much that she allows herself such statements, in fact calling on the West for a new “crusade” to the east? And how should we treat this – as a political order or as a manifestation of really fierce hostility?

“Such extreme Russophobia is an integral part of the Polish mentality, which manifests itself even at the everyday level,” notes Head of the Center for Settlement of Social Conflicts, political scientist Oleg Ivanov.

– Its roots go back to the times Ivan the Terriblein his wars with the Commonwealth. After his death was False Dmitry and the Time of Troubles, when we kicked the Poles very hard first from the Kremlin, and then from the country. Then, during the time of the Russian Empire, there were two partitions of Poland. During the period of Soviet Russia, Warsaw almost took Budyonny. So the Poles have long considered Russian occupiers and invaders, especially remembering us also the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. And after 2014, Polish Russophobia flourished in full bloom.

“Because the Poles most of all cannot forgive Russia for its weaknesses,” he said. political scientist Sergei Markov.

“If throughout history we just hit the Poles hard when necessary, but were strong at the same time, Poland would keep its hatred to itself. But when Russia shows weakness, the Poles begin to think that they can take advantage of the moment and, having come to Russia, kill many Russians, take back, in addition to Ukraine, for example, Smolensk, establish control over us and thus historically “revenge”.

“SP”: – What weakness of Russia do you mean?

“In recent history, Russia has allowed weakness by allowing the USSR to disintegrate, and then, for some insane reason, allowing its original part of the lands occupied by a group of regional barons to become “independent Ukraine.” Moreover, it allowed it to develop a supposedly Ukrainian, but in fact an anti-Russian identity, for some reason without overthrowing the obviously criminal Ukrainian regime right away in 2014.

This is what prompts the Poles to think that Russia is showing weakness, that it can be occupied, destroyed, and again regain the status of a great European power. They have long had the Intermarium project, which implies a kind of coalition of the Baltic countries, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Moldova and a part of Russia controlled by a puppet regime, led by Poland, a “great European power”. Poland, as in a fairy tale, dreams of being the “mistress of the sea”, so that “goldfish” in the person of Germany, France and others like them would be “on parcels”.

“SP”: – In this case, is it possible to seriously fear that in some future Poland will move from its ultra-Russophobic words to the same ultra-Russophobic deeds? Simply put, is there a high probability of our direct military clash with the Poles?

Yes, the likelihood is very high. First, there are irreconcilable contradictions between the interests of Russia and Poland. Secondly, there is the insane irrationality of a significant part of the Polish elite, those very notorious “Polish arrogance” and “gentry arrogance”. And these factors may well lead to such a scenario.

Moreover, in fact, in the last century they had already brought the Poles under the monastery. Poland became a victim of the Second World War, I think, primarily because of its arrogance, arrogance, arrogance and stupidity. After all, instead of helping the anti-Hitler coalition, for a long time they dreamed, together with the Nazi Wehrmacht, of going through a victorious parade along Red Square.

– Now the Poles believe that Russia and the ideology of the “Russian world”, naturally built into our mentality, is a permanent existential threat to the existence of Poland, as well as the British and the Balts. Therefore, together with England and the Baltic States, they are ready to do everything to destroy our state, so that Russia simply ceases to exist,” adds Oleg Ivanov.

– Actually, Poland is already trying to do this, over the past decades, forming, patronizing and supporting the Russian and Belarusian opposition on its territory. It pumps the criminal Kyiv regime in Ukraine to the maximum with money, weapons, volunteers and, I am sure, will eventually send its troops to Western Ukraine.

“SP”: – But Poland is a member of NATO. And the leadership of the alliance, like its overseas curators, has maintained and continues to maintain that it does not want under any circumstances to become a party to the conflict with Russia.

— It all depends on how the Russian special operation in Ukraine develops. Yes, I personally do not think that NATO will “fit in” for Poland in such a situation. But do not forget that the Poles play according to NATO rules very selectively. When they have their own interests, they easily begin to play by their own rules. So in a theoretical perspective, a Russian-Polish war is quite acceptable.

SP: Is there any way to avoid it? For example, to somehow extinguish the pathological Russophobia of Poland?

– For starters, Russia needs at least a neutral Ukraine as a buffer state with Poland. And then we should just be patient and wait, because Poland will always be Russophobic.

SP: Wait for what?

– Wait until the collective West finally understands that other poles of power have appeared in the world. Wait for the conclusion of geopolitical agreements, but not with Poland, but more global ones, with the participation of Russia, the USA, China, India, Iran, Israel, and so on. This will happen, albeit not immediately, but in a few years. But I believe that the West will sooner or later, albeit in tens of years, but it will finally “reach” that such agreements are necessary. Until this happens, Poland will continue to speak and act in a pathologically Russophobic way, further deepening the confrontation between countries.

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