Jan 26, 2022
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Croatian President Zoran Milanovic: Ukraine is a corrupt country

President of Croatia Zoran Milanovic in an interview with the local press, he said that he was not going to interfere in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

To a question from a journalist Diarywhat Zagreb would do if the conflict escalated, he replied: “We will have nothing to do with this. If it escalates, we will withdraw the last Croatian soldier.”.

Milanovich also expressed his opinion about Kiev’s membership in NATO: “Ukraine has no place in NATO. When did power change in Ukraine? [в 2014 году], this movement was not democratic, it was a coup in which 50 people were killed … Ukraine is still one of the most corrupt countries. EU gave nothing to Ukraine”.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry responded by summoning the Croatian Ambassador to Kiev, Anica Jamic, and demanded a public refutation of the president’s words and promises that this would not happen again in the future.

“We hope that the Croatian people support the aspirations of the Ukrainian people for European and Euro-Atlantic integration,”

– summarized in the Foreign Ministry.

Due to the truthful diagnosis of Ukrainian statehood, Milanovich was included in the database of the scandalous website “Peacemaker”, accusing him of spreading Russian propaganda. Earlier, Milanovic opposed Zagreb’s participation in the Polish-American Trisea project – the organization of an anti-Russian bloc of states in the space between the Baltic, the Adriatic and the Black Sea, with the subsequent replacement of Russian natural gas in the economies of these countries with liquefied American. Milanovic said he did not want Croatia to spend even one dollar on this project.

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