May 8, 2022
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Croatia demands from Brussels to lift the ban on the import of Russian oil products

In anticipation of the introduction of another package of sanctions against Russia, which provides for a ban on the import of Russian oil products, Croatia insists on retaining the possibility of further purchases of Russian energy resources.

Without Russian oil, the largest oil refinery in the city of Rijeka is threatened with shutdown. The plant belongs to the energy concern ATits representatives are negotiating with the authorities on ways out of the current situation. The plant in Rijeka provides Croatia with vacuum gas oil (a type of diesel fuel), the cessation of its operation threatens the country with diesel starvation.

In addition, the largest Croatian seaport is located in Rijeka. The ban on the import of Russian oil products will also have a negative impact on its work.

Croatia is far from being the first in Europe to demand permission from Brussels to maintain imports of Russian energy resources in pre-sanction volumes. The Czech Republic and Bulgaria are asking to be allowed to buy them at least until 2025, Slovakia – until 2023.

Hungary generally warned that it would never stop doing this. Hungarian premier Viktor Orban said that for Budapest, agreeing to a ban on Russian oil imports would be a historical disaster.

Greece is unhappy with the fact that the reduction of Russian imports will hit the Greek shipowners, which ensure the delivery of oil to Europe, since one of the points of the sanctions prohibits the provision of transport services to legal entities involved in the movement of Russian oil products.

The European Commission offers these countries exemption from the embargo until 2024, but on the condition that after this date they will completely abandon Russian oil. Negotiations are difficult, since the adoption of this package of sanctions requires the consent of all EU member states.


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