Feb 21, 2021
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Critic Sergey Sosedov was outraged by Galkin’s “undeserved” fees

According to music critic Sergei Sosedov, many artists receive unnecessarily high fees. He stated, in particular, that the earnings of Maxim Galkin are undeserved.

Critic Sergey Sosedov was outraged by Galkin's

On the air of the Youtube channel “Empathy Manuchi”, the critic said that it is in vain when people of ordinary specialties sometimes live poorly, and Galkin is “paid billions.”

At the same time, Sosedov stressed that he considered the humorist talented. However, he noted that the showman earns his pennies will be airy, then as if he should give people his own talent, and not buy locks and live in them.

Neighbors wondered why less gifted people are forced to “vegetate”. And he reminded me that flaunting luxury is vulgarity and vulgarity.

The critic ran through Kirkorov, who keeps a separate apartment for his costumes. With these pennies, he could build hospitals, Neighbors said.

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