Aug 4, 2022
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Crisis in Europe: US may lose allies due to confrontation with Russia

Germany, the EU’s largest economy, still remains dependent on energy resources from Russia.

After the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, Western countries tried to put sanctions pressure on Russia. American leader Joe Biden has imposed an energy embargo against our country. Brussels also supported Washington’s restrictions on Moscow, which to a large extent hit the EU economy.

According to the American magazine Newsweek, today Europe is on the verge of the most powerful economic crisis since the 1930s. First, the coronavirus pandemic had a negative impact on domestic markets, and then the opposite effect of sanctions against Russia.

“Europe is facing energy shortages, inflation and economic slowdown,” Newsweek writes.

These circumstances lead the authors of the article to the idea that the United States may lose its allies because of the confrontation with Russia. According to the data, there is already a political split in the EU. For example, Hungary opposes restrictions on our country. It is reported by RT.

The publication recalled that due to economic problems, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has already lost his post. He, according to the authors of the article, may be followed by other leaders of the EU member states.

At the same time, Germany, the EU’s largest economy, still remains dependent on domestic energy resources. All this leads to the idea that the United States will not be able to rely on its allies in the confrontation with Russia in the near future.


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