Apr 23, 2022
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Crimean bridge: Kyiv hates it so much that Zelensky “can’t eat”

In the photo: view of the Crimean bridge.

In the photo: view of the Crimean bridge. (Photo: Sergey Malgavko/TASS)

Ukraine intends to subject the Crimean bridge to rocket fire, along which the Russian Federation is transferring reinforcements for its army to the peninsula. This was stated by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexey Danilov. According to him, such a possibility is being actively studied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“If we had the ability, we would have done it already. As soon as we have the opportunity to do this, we will definitely do it.»– Danilov said on the air of the NV radio station.

At the same time, he could not answer whether Kyiv has weapons that will allow the country to attack the bridge, and whether it will appear in Ukraine in the future.

Danilov’s words in Russia were immediately heard. According to the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskovthis is an announcement of a possible terrorist attack.

“Such a statement is nothing more than an announcement of a possible terrorist act, this is unacceptable. And there are, of course, a lot of signs of acts that are subject to legal verification and subsequent punishment, ”said the Kremlin spokesman.

He also emphasized that all security measures have been provided around the bridge and all strategic facilities.

The reaction to Danilov’s words was even more emotional in Crimea itself. According to the head of the Crimean parliament Vladimir KonstantinovDanilov will answer for his “cannibalistic desires.”

“The hour is near when the Danilovs will sit in the docks and answer for everything they have done, as well as for their cannibalistic desires,” Konstantinov wrote on his page on the social network.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Danilov’s threat has been heard. Previously, the former Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council threatened to destroy the bridge Alexander Turchinovadvertising the Ukrainian anti-ship cruise missile “Neptune”.

In 2019, he said that missiles created in Ukraine could destroy Russian warships of any class in their ports of deployment in the Black and Azov Seas, and also “demolish” the Crimean bridge “within a few minutes.”

According to Turchynov, in order to protect against the Russian Federation in the Black and Azov Seas, Kyiv was able to quickly carry out work on the modernization of S-125 missile systems, as well as develop its own set of cruise missiles.

Two years later, in the fall of 2021, he again stated that “we could destroy any surface target of the Russian Federation, even at the base point,” as well as “clean up” the Crimean bridge as well. And again he mentioned the Neptunes.

Here it should be recalled that since the beginning of the special operation, none of these “Neptunes” has fired, on the basis of which many experts considered that Ukraine simply does not have them. And although Kyiv claimed that the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet DBK “Moskva” was shot down with such a missile, no one saw any evidence of this assertion.

And then, the Crimean bridge is still a strategic object, which, presumably, is guarded with special care. Moreover, Kyiv has repeatedly spoken about the desire to destroy it.

But it is impossible to exclude attempts of a terrorist act. Earlier, we recall, it became known that the Ukrainian Center for Information and Psychological Operations sends messages about the alleged mining of the Crimean bridge. This was told by the adviser to the head of the Crimea on information policy Oleg Kryuchkov. According to him, the fake employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation tried to convince the inhabitants of the peninsula that there were no safe ways out of it, because everything was mined. The attackers also urged citizens not to leave their homes and not to go somewhere by car, but to wait for civil defense signals.

“This is a fake of Kyiv, aimed at creating panic among the inhabitants of the peninsula and the mainland. There are no reports of mining of any objects in the region,” said Oleg Kryuchkov. According to him, this is “another fake of the Ukrainian “sofa warriors”, as well as the center of information and psychological operations, which is designed for certain emotions of citizens.

– Danilov has already said so many stupid things that I would advise dividing his words into two. Talks about undermining the bridge have been going on since the moment when it was still under construction, reminds editor-in-chief of the FORUM portal. Moscow time Anatoly Baranov.

SP: Can they really do it? Is there anything? “Neptune”?

– In reality, it is generally difficult to do this, the bridge is a very massive structure, in principle, the calculation for a tactical nuclear charge. I have traveled a lot on similar bridges in Europe, ours gives the impression of a much more massive construction. One missile is not enough to bring down such a colossus.

As for the notorious “Neptune” – this is a modernized X-35, designed to destroy ships up to 5000 tons of displacement.

But the bridge is completely different. To destroy such objects, a large-scale bombardment will be required with the help of heavy bombers that are absent from Ukraine. In addition, two S-400 regiments and air defense units armed with Pantsir are guarding the bridge area. And there is nothing to break through the air defense of Ukraine. Saboteurs will not be able to do anything either, so many DRG explosives simply cannot be dragged. In addition, the bridge area is securely guarded.

“SP”: – That is, the bridge is sufficiently protected?

– More than enough.

– Danilov’s statement is clearly populist, aimed at raising the morale of Ukrainians, which has noticeably decreased over the two months of the military operation, – I am convinced Crimean public figure Alexander Talipov.

– At the moment, even hypothetically, Ukraine does not have the opportunity to do this, there are no appropriate weapons. But even if we assume that something can sometime reach the bridge, then our air defense systems located directly at this object will shoot down any approaching hostile targets.

And after an attempt to harm the bridge, our missiles will wipe out all the decision-making centers and administrative buildings in Ukraine, and the first objects, I believe, will be the office of the president on Bankovaya and the Verkhovna Rada.

Zelensky understands this, although he hates the Crimean bridge, and The General Staff, but they are unlikely to take such a step, it would simply be suicide.

“SP”: – Do you think they have something else to lose? Even if the Americans order?

– Of course, now only infrastructure facilities used by the Ukrainian army are affected. And what will happen if you immediately destroy electrical substations in cities, water conduits, railway tracks, warehouses with food, warehouses with coal etc.

“SP”: – Can they arrange sabotage? Mine supports or blow up something on the bridge?

– It is practically impossible, the protection of the bridge has been strengthened, inspection from two sides, and the water area is guarded by patrol ships and divers …

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  • It is my opinion that the word ‘terrorist’ is being terribly overused. Every war encapsulates terror within it. People in a war zone are perpetually terrified. LOL! I am quite sure that Zelensky is terrified. Of an eventually Russian victory, of the Nazis who hold a gun to his head (to force him to say the most ridiculous things), among other things.

    To equate war with terrorism is to unavoidably, if unintentionally, equate soldiers with terrorists. This is a sword that cuts two ways.

    rgl April 24, 2022 9:50 am Reply

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