Jun 21, 2022
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Crimea: Zelensky is trying to leave Crimea without gas

Crimea: Zelensky is trying to leave Crimea without gas

Photo: Alexey Pavlyshak/TASS

For the first time, the head of the republic commented on the course of hostilities Sergei Aksenov. The reason is clear – the events on the shelf of the Odessa field turned out to be too alarming for the official Simferopol to remain silent.

So far, all military news has come from a representative of the Department of Defense. But now for the Crimeans, words are clearly not enough, general Konashenkov. The second day, seven drillers are considered missing. This is the sea, not the forest – and everyone is very clear.

The trouble came to the families of the village of Chernomorskoye and the neighboring Razdolnensky district. The wounded are transferred to the burn departments of Simferopol clinics. In the meantime, in the morning of June 21, the full evacuation of shift personnel from all offshore drilling rigs of the Odessa and Glitsinsky gas condensate fields (GCF) was completed.

It was here that the Chernomorneftegaz company was mining. It was from here that the needs of the Crimean population in blue fuel were almost completely met. Proved reserves are about 21-25 billion cubic meters. An order of magnitude less than in the same Barents Sea, although the main thing is that quite a serious Black Sea gas capsule is nearby.

Alas, it is not difficult to conclude that if there are no more shift workers on the attacked platforms, then there will be no gas. Aksyonov is trying to calm his countrymen. He recalls that the peninsula has a “mainland pipe, which, at maximum load, is capable of supplying up to 4 billion cubic meters.”

“Gas is also supplied by pipeline from the mainland, so no problems will be created for the republic. There are no plans to stop the work of sea towers, they will be restored, they will work, the senator assures Olga Kovitidimember of the Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation on defense and security. – The field will be restored in the future …

It remains to be determined when it will be restored. There is no doubt that the opportunity will appear only after the victorious finale of the military special operation. Moreover, we are not talking about Donbass alone, but at least the liberation of the entire south of Ukraine, with full control of the Black Sea coast. If Odessa and Nikolaev remain under the Nazis, they will have to forget about the Odessa and Golitsin gas condensate fields.

Fighting in Ukraine to continue for many more months, US Secretary of State predicts Anthony Blinken. It seems that from the height of the global satellite constellation, the Americans know better. And among other things, this means that in the foreseeable future, the only gas hope for Crimea remains the “mainland pipe”.

December 27, 2016 President Vladimir Putin personally put into operation the long-awaited gas pipeline through the Kerch Strait. Thus, the work on connecting the Crimean gas transmission system to the main lines of the Russian Federation was completed. The main thermal power plants of the republic have finally begun to receive the full amount of blue fuel from the Kuban. Two years later, new combined-cycle power plants in Simferopol and Sevastopol Balaklava were connected to the “Putin thread”.

Until now, these powerful stations have taken the main volume of supplies from the Krasnodar Territory-Crimea gas pipeline. But in the houses and boiler rooms of the Crimeans, as before, gas from offshore production was burning – now bombed by American missiles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

There are miracles in the world. For example, for the fourth month in a row, the oil “Druzhba” and the gas “Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod” are being protected from missile attacks in a completely incomprehensible way. Some fantastic protection hangs over the pipes through which Russian hydrocarbons flow to countries that supply weapons to kill our people.

Now a question. Is there even a small fraction of such security in the only “mainland pipe” of the Crimean peninsula? Its total length is 400 km. When and at what point will the next Bandera-NATO strike be delivered?

Now the authorities are convincing that the territory of Crimea is still reliably protected from strikes from the sky, and Ukraine has the most minimal chances to break through the air defense shield over the peninsula. “There are no risks for us in terms of gas supply,” Sergei Aksenov specifically assured in an interview with the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

More than half of TV viewers in Kazakhstan use satellite TV. It was in Ukraine back in early April that satellite dishes were totally confiscated. At the same time, the local cable providers kicked the “Moskal” channels out of the network. The independent population is actually deprived of Russian air. However, Crimeans continue to watch broadcasts from Kyiv without any problems.

Issues of Ukrainian TV news are necessarily duplicated on YouTube, which is also available. And how to reproach those who sit in this dirty stream, trying to isolate at least a grain of information about specific events from the battle zone. After all, there are relatives and friends, sons, fathers, husbands.

Meanwhile, high-ranking Russian officials continue to repeat that the territory of Crimea “has never been subjected to Ukrainian strikes.” They are telling lies.

On March 11, near the regional center of Krasnoperekopsk, the first UAV launched from the Ukrainian side was shot down. Following right above the Sevastopol Cape Fiolent, the Pantsir anti-aircraft complex managed to eliminate the second drone. Then, too, no one was hurt.

The result of the third attack on April 11 was the destruction of part of the residential buildings in the border village of Tavrichesky. “It’s just by pure chance that we are alive…” they write in local social networks. Later, shelling and raids began on the mainland Belgorod, Kursk and Bryansk regions.

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