Feb 16, 2021
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Crimea reacted to Ukraine’s plan to return the peninsula: Stop organizing a political circus

The Crimean peninsula haunts the Ukrainian authorities. Kiev has come up with a new plan to return the territory.

The Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday called on international organizations to increase political, diplomatic and sanctions pressure on Russia over Crimea. Also, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada asked their Western partners to stop the alleged “militarization” of the peninsula.

Ukraine’s plan to attract European leaders was commented on in Russia. The head of the Crimean parliamentary committee on people’s diplomacy and interethnic relations, Yuri Gempel, said that all Kiev’s calls are meaningless. “No one will ever seriously lay claim to part of the territory of Russia,” he said.

According to Hempel, every sensible European politician today understands that going against Moscow is like shooting himself in the foot. Everyone has long considered Crimea to be Russian territory. The politician recommended Ukraine to start strengthening relations with neighbors instead of “organizing a political circus.”

The head of the committee added that Russia has always acted in the legal field and will not allow anyone to decide for her where the military contingent should be deployed. In a conversation with RIA Novosti, Gempel stressed that the residents of Crimea are in favor of ensuring the security of the borders.

Recall that Crimea became part of Russia after a referendum held in March 2014, where the overwhelming majority supported the idea of ​​joining. The Ukrainian authorities refused to recognize the voting results and called the peninsula “temporarily occupied territory.”


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