Sep 23, 2022
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Crimea, partial mobilization: “We must know whether we are going to win or die stupidly”

Crimea, partial mobilization: “We must know whether we are going to win or die stupidly”

Photo: Zumapress/Global Look Press

The mood around the Crimean military commissariats is heavy. The military refuse to give even an approximate number of mobilized. However, it is clear that they take a lot of people. So, in Kerch, all the streets adjacent to the city commissariat are packed with columns of buses waiting for loading. Escort vehicles nearby.

There is a tense silence near the building of the military registration and enlistment office itself, occasionally exploding with hysterical crying. The men awkwardly try to calm the women who see them off. Tobacco smoke mixed with tears.

The announcement that unmarried people have the right to sign with common-law wives or brides without a queue was received completely without smiles. To do this, the procedure for urgent painting is organized in the local registry office. Those who wish are given a delay for a day.

The first subpoenas were given to people of different ages — some were 22, and some were born in the 1970s. Hard workers, managers, engineers, researchers of the East Crimean Historical and Cultural Reserve. On Friday, right in the morning, special groups of representatives of the police, the army and the city administration carried a new batch of subpoenas to the addresses.

Responsible persons complain that it is rarely possible to hand over these documents personally. The problem is to enter the entrances of apartment buildings, equipped with combination locks. Intercoms are often disabled. In addition, it turned out that a significant part of the Kerch people who are subject to mobilization are on sea voyages or on earnings on the mainland.

“In Simferopol, I met with the mobilized and their families to talk personally before being sent to the military units of Sevastopol, where retraining and combat coordination will take place. The law is the same for everyone. Today my son was drafted, in the morning he left for the unit, ”wrote in his Telegram channel Sergei Aksenov.

He promises to provide assistance to the families of fighters “in all areas without exception.” According to him, the authorities will allocate land plots to the Crimeans participating in the special operation. The head of the Republic of Kazakhstan made a speech in the courtyard of the republican commissariat, but there is no splash of optimism. Rather, the calm inevitability of duty. Similar sentiments are experienced by Sevastopol. Although the city of Russian glory once again confirmed its specialness – people who did not receive summons appeared at the mobilization points. They came to volunteer. As a rule, they are not denied. The local military registration and enlistment offices began to be on duty around the clock, but the queues still do not resolve.

Leo Tolstoy Street, got into a conversation with a group of such volunteers. The men are well over forty, in the lapels of civilian shirts, vests of marines are visible. Topic one:

We must know whether we are going to win or die stupidly. The Supreme must tell the country that another operation is beginning …

They are visibly disappointed with the latest keynote speech Vladimir Putin in Veliky Novgorod.

– What does Prophetic Oleg have to do with it and Nicholas II? Who is going to give up national interests? The president’s speechwriters do not seem to know the main question, the answer to which Russia is waiting for. For six months of the special operation, we were marking time. Lost our guys. Kiev region, Chernihiv, Sumy. Now Kharkov and hard things are on the right bank of Kherson. When will we go ahead?

These days, the hero city says goodbye to its fellow countrymen almost every day.

buried September 22 Artem Slobozhansky – senior sailor, gunner-grenade launcher. A handsome twenty-year-old guy was mortally wounded under shelling in Zaporozhye.

On September 20, the commander of the howitzer self-propelled artillery platoon of the 810th Marine Brigade was seen off on his last journey. Igor Konovalenko. Veteran of the Syrian company, senior sergeant Kovalenko died in the defense of Kherson.

On September 14, they said goodbye to two marines at once, who also died near Kherson. Guard sergeant Alexander Cheremenov and guard private Nikita Korolev – both from the same airborne assault battalion, covered each other. Well, the day before, in the same Kherson direction, a young sniper of the coastal defense brigade heroically fell Kirill Vytoptov.

All of them were born and raised in their native Sevastopol. Now they lie on the Alley of Heroes of the Kalfa city cemetery. Previously, the alley was intended for honorary burials of Heroes of the Soviet Union and full holders of the Orders of Glory. And since last spring, it has become the resting place of the Russian military who fell in battles with the Ukrainian Nazis.

The Sevastopol marines suffered the heaviest losses near Mariupol. From ordinary soldiers to the commander of the 810th Guards Brigade, Colonel Alexey Sharov and Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet Andrey Paliya. Nearby rested a whole group of special forces of the Black Sea Fleet, the best scouts, snipers and divers, who defended Snake Island to the end.

On the day of the announcement of partial mobilization, the Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the current losses of the Russian Armed Forces. Recall that the official figure, starting from February 24, is 5,937 people. And the losses of the National Guard, special services, the Ministry of Internal Affairs – are they included in the mournful list? Now only the lazy one does not compare the number of soldiers who died in the special operation 2022 with the total number of Soviet Union soldiers who died in the ten-year Afghan war. There we are talking about almost 15 thousand victims.

This alignment was also presented to me at the Sevastopol military registration and enlistment office for Leo Tolstoy. Without a tragic anguish, on the contrary, with complete conviction that enough has been paid and the time has finally come for the merciless, total destruction of the enemy.

– Last spring, the squadron of the Black Sea Fleet stood for a long time on the beam of Odessa. The city was in direct line of sight, the main calibers of our ships could roll the infrastructure of the seaport and aviation logistics into dust. They would have managed with an artillery barrage, without expensive missiles and aircraft. Why was not a single salvo fired? We waited until American Harpoon anti-ship missiles arrived in Odessa. Now the flagship “Moskva” lies at the bottom.

Understand, you can’t fight as before, you won’t be able to get half a bump anymore … From the very beginning of October, mobilized storekeepers will be sent to the front by presidential decree … It turns out almost like in a song, we need one victory, only then we won’t stand up for the price.

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