Sep 13, 2021
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“Crimea is the homeland of the Turks”: Turkey joined in the discussion of the peninsula’s ownership

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Many states encroach on our region

The grandiose return of the Crimean Republic to the Russian Federation shook the entire world space. With an excellent strategic location, the peninsula is a very tasty piece of territory. Militant Turks have declared their claims to our subject.

So, the readers of the local publication Haber7 decided to speculate on the supply of drones by the Turkish authorities for the needs of Independent. The article under discussion said that Moscow was allegedly worried about Ankara’s decision to increase the military potential of the Ukrainians.

Some residents of the Turkish state liked the strengthening of relations between Kiev and Ankara. At the same time, a number of readers believe that high-tech drones could be sold at a higher price.

Others decided to raise the so-called “Crimean issue”. Our peninsula haunts many players in the international arena. In Turkey, for example, especially belligerent local residents recall that their ancestors once lived on these lands. Against the background of strengthening the military power of Independent, they suggested that our country “think” carefully about the current situation.

“Let Russia think about it now. They will learn that Crimea is the birthplace of the Turks,” writes a particularly aggressive local resident.

However, other Internet users complained that Turkey is distributing its drones to Ukrainians. In their opinion, such a powerful weapon should be sold only to “brothers who will support in difficult times.” Some even believe that Nezalezhnaya does not cost anything to turn drones against Turkey itself.

By the way, recently the Turks have spoken very militantly about the situation in Syria. Some believe that if the United States of America leaves this state, Ankara will have to fight Moscow.

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