Jan 28, 2021
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Crime and the Ministry of Finance are rubbing their hands in the hope of a quick profit

In the photo: the building of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

In the photo: the building of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. (Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS)

It remains only to add after the hero “Brother-2”: “You are bad.”

Indeed, the shortfall in taxes is just under 1.9 trillion rubles, only 9.1%. For the collapse of the economy, two waves of coronavirus against the background of the continuing “optimization of health care”, the ruin of everything and everyone, the continuation of the policy of extinction of the country with an artificially created “money hunger” – the result is surprisingly good.

At the same time, budget expenditures exceeded the plan by 16.1% – almost 3.2 trillion rubles. With one or another amendment, these funds can be considered support for the economy in the context of the onset of the Global Depression (no matter how hard the authorities try to ignore its increasingly obvious offensive). And, although few people felt this support, and those who felt it extremely painfully perceive its insufficiency, there was support – and visually dispelled the launched 30 years ago Yasin and Aleksashenko a liberal myth about the inevitable inflationary consequences of an increase in budget spending.

As a result, instead of a surplus of 0.9 trillion rubles. the budget received a deficit of 4.1 trillion. The “hole” of 5 trillion rubles. was compensated so that no one noticed the problems: almost 2.9 trillion rubles. was received in excess of the planned loans in the domestic market (their balance exceeded the budgeted 2.6 times), and in the absence of investment opportunities, this did not cause anything but enthusiasm, but almost 2.2 trillion. – reduction in the growth of budgetary reserves from the projected budget of 2.4 to only 0.2 trillion. rub…

Thus, the Ministry of Finance just gave up its main priority – freezing Russia’s funds in the budget – and magically enough money for everything! And yes, the unused balances on the budget accounts amounted to 13.6 trillion as of January 1, 2021. rubles: this money can still build a new, modern Russia, but they are most likely intended to finance the dictatorship of pro-Western cannibals after the overthrow Putin, openly and painstakingly prepared by his favorites – the dominant liberals.

It is fundamentally important that the welfare of the federal budget is ensured through the direct destruction of Russia. Simple economic activity becomes the privilege of administrative and financial oligarchic groups close to the wild builders of thieves feudalism. Mass poverty turns into mass poverty (according to insurers, even last fall more than 70% of Russians had incomes of poverty at the real subsistence level), hopelessness is becoming the dominant mood, and the informal slogan of 1991 “a horrible end is better than endless horror” is a self-evident attitude …

They no longer even laugh at the closed caste power, which has firmly separated itself from the country, people and reality, and any accusation against it is perceived as the ultimate truth upon the fact that it is uttered simply because it is an accusation against it.

Despite the drop in the inflow of money into the country, the net outflow of private capital, according to the Bank of Russia, more than doubled – from $ 22.2 billion in 2019 to $ 49.0 billion in 2020, since there are almost no there are still opportunities for acceptable investment (unless, of course, you are part of a narrow circle of “admitted to the table” oligarchs, officials, their relatives and closest servants).

At the same time, the annual inflow of “black”, not visible by the state and therefore knowingly criminal capital, amounted to an unprecedented $ 4.3 billion: criminals understand that with such power, Russia will soon become their profit, and concentrate resources here in advance.

The power, which sees the meaning of its existence in maintaining its own distorted statistical indicators, no longer destroys, but practically destroys Russia by its liberal socio-economic policy, and causes no longer rejection, but direct and ardent hatred.

An attempt to discredit this hatred with caricatured figures will “navalnitsya” and allegedly opposing “guardians” in the strategic perspective are deliberately doomed to failure and simply clears room for the upcoming political explosion, which the new American administration is already trying to direct for its own purposes.

The forces linking their future with Russia and trying to normalize the situation are not only ignored by the authorities, but are directly suppressed by it according to the best patterns Yanukovych and Lukashenko

Thus, the welfare of the federal budget is a simple accounting decoration designed to disguise the feverish preparations for the demolition, under the pretext of a rotten wild power, of the entire Russian statehood as such.

While there is reason to believe that the attempt, scheduled for a while after the elections to the State Duma, will be the same false start as the murder Nemtsov, – however, a liberal socio-economic attempt guarantees the success of one of the following assaults.

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