Sep 21, 2020
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Crescent or with corners: how to cut nails correctly?

It would seem to be a simple question, and the answers to it are given very different, and not only by ordinary people, but also by doctors. In medical reference books, information on the topic is also strangely different. “Why not coincide here? - you will be surprised. - What are the options? Actually, there are three of them.

Irina Kovaleva

The first is to cut your nails in a semicircle, as most of us usually do. The second - in a straight line, without cutting off the corners. The third - in a semicircle on the arms and in a straight line on the legs. And how is it right? Let's figure it out!

The crescent shape (semicircle) is a classic of the genre. The objections to it are based on the fear that it is easier for a nail cut in this way to take and grow under the skin. And an ingrown toenail not only causes pain, it also becomes inflamed. For a healthy person, this may not be so scary, but for a person suffering from diabetes, it can result in the amputation of a toe or the entire foot. And if we take into account that half of diabetics do not know about their diagnosis and cut their nails as God wants them to, and not "according to science," and thereby expose themselves to risk, the manicure and pedicure topic acquires special relevance.

So is it really necessary to leave the corners at the edges of the nail? Of course not!

Collage: MedNews

Collage: MedNews

It is the corners that bite into the skin with their sharp tip, especially if the shoe presses on the toes, forcing the nail to go the wrong way. And in comfortable shoes, you can get the same effect if you stumble on level ground. From the blow, the nails will bend, and the uncut edges will stick into the skin, an infection gets into the wound - inflammation will begin.

If this happens, we usually act radically - cut off the edge of the nail that has sunk into the skin. This should be done after a 15-minute warm bath with salt, soda or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Usually this is enough to forget about the problem, but sometimes the nail (most often on the thumb) continues to grow into the nail roller with manic persistence. And here already tight shoes and stumbling on level ground have nothing to do with it: the fact is that the notorious nail grows vigorously in width, and simply does not have time to lengthen in height. It is with such a disproportion in growth that doctors explain the problem of an ingrown nail. Cut it often, avoiding injury to your skin.

Sometimes you can find this advice: try to lift the growing edge with a thick thread or a flagellum as thick as a candle wick. It is proposed to do this in order to change the direction of growth of the nail: slip a flagellum under it and leave it for several hours, and then try to push it deeper. But if the matter is in the disproportion of growth, then the flagellum cannot be overcome. You just need to cut off the edge of the nail as it grows, that is, a couple of times a week, and in a circle, and not in a straight line.

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