Sep 5, 2021
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Creepy results from a survey of children in Britain

English portal YouGov conducted a study and reports that only two in five (37%) British children aged 8 to 15 say they do not know anyone who “identifies as LGBT.” 25% of children have such a friend, 17% have a family member, 15% have someone else, and 6% have a teacher.

Children aged eight years with gay friends make up 7%, and children from nine to ten years old who are friends with representatives of non-traditional sexual preferences – 11%, among adolescents of fifteen this percentage increases to 45%.

At the same time, British girls are more likely to be friends with gay people – 34% than British boys – 16%.

The study found that British children who have friends who identify themselves with a different gender identity themselves live in transsexual families, where the child has “two mothers married to each other” – there are 3% of them, or “two dads , married to each other ”- there are also 3% of them.

The situation is the same with their friends, who consider themselves to be of a different gender, in 16% of such children, families with “two mothers” or “two fathers”.

The survey, conducted in June 2021, included 868 British children aged 8 to 15.

How such friendship affects the fragile minds of British children, no one can say for sure, there has been no research on this topic. However, there is a high-profile precedent in the Western community in the person of the transgender Kira Bell, who made a trans transition from girl to boyfriend and back to girl.

Kira Bell won the UK High Court in December 2020 against transgender identity clinics where she performed gender reassignment.

The case of Kira Bell showed that Western countries such as Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia, with the support of the state, finance the insurance of children and adolescents for treatment in transgender clinics, and when Kira Bell turned to a psychologist for help, Kira suffered from teenage depression, rejection of her body, as well as she was oppressed by the role of a woman in society – then a psychologist on state insurance sent her for treatment to the transgender clinic “Tavistock”.

There, a teenage girl was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and a course of treatment began: first, blockers of puberty, that is, artificially stopped the natural process of maturation and maturation of the girl’s body. Then they began to inject male hormones, and the third stage – Kira’s breasts were cut off.

But the psychological problems of Kira were not resolved, but they worsened even more, in addition, the body was disfigured.

“The High Court of England ruled that adolescents under the age of 16 cannot make an informed decision and start taking drugs that block the onset of puberty in preparation for gender reassignment in case of gender dysphoria,” the BBC commented on the case.

Kira Bell herself believes that her real problem was not sorted out and the Tavistock clinic had no doubts that it was the transgender transition that was the solution to the problem.

“My body was okay, I was just lost and didn’t have any proper support. The transition only helped me to get away from myself even more. It was only a temporary solution, if at all, ”said Kira Bell.

During the trial of Kira Bell, it turned out that hundreds of young people in the West regret their trans transition as adolescents under 16 years old and began to reverse the transition to their original gender identity after adulthood.

It is not clear why Kira Bell herself decided on a trans transition as a teenager, it can only be assumed that this decision was influenced by her inner circle.

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