Apr 20, 2022
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Credit rating: features of formation and verification rules

Credit rating: features of formation and verification rulesCredit rating: features of formation and verification rules

Before making a decision on whether to provide a person with a loan or not, financial institutions and banks conduct an assessment. They pay attention not only to credit history. They try to study the credit rating, which is used to assess credit solvency. In order to correctly calculate the credit rating, professionals take information from the credit history, from additional sources. Without fail, the credit rating is studied by microfinance organizations and banks. This allows you to establish the credit potential of each person. You can learn more on the topic at right now.

Features of calculating a personal credit rating

In order to correctly calculate this indicator, the following indicators must be taken into account:

  • features of credit history and its age;
  • whether microloans, loans were previously issued (amounts, terms, features and repayment rules);
  • whether there were delays (duration and number);
  • whether there are currently outstanding loans.

Based on all the information received, a decision is made on whether a loan will be granted. In some cases, banks additionally take into account the following data:

  • age;
  • official or unofficial work;
  • the amount of wages;
  • whether there are children;
  • marital status.

How to find out your credit score?

Before contacting a financial institution, you should check the status and value of your credit rating in advance. In order to obtain detailed information before contacting a microfinance organization or a bank, you should obtain relevant information. To do this, you need to know the TIN. Now there are several effective ways to check:

  • via WhatsApp (PKB bot);
  • via WhatsApp (corresponding bot);
  • special mobile application;
  • personal account, which can be accessed on the official portal.

Before you check your credit score, you must pay the appropriate fee. To do this, you can use a bank card. There is another option – this is the balance of the mobile phone. To increase the chances of obtaining a loan or a loan, you should increase your credit rating. To do this, you can use various methods. So, it is possible to carry out the rehabilitation of problem borrowers, to challenge the mistakes that were made. All of this will increase your chances of getting a loan.

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