Dec 29, 2020
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Creation of a unique Instagram account by freelancers

Approximately 21% of Americans work remotely. And at the same time they earn more than their relatives or friends who work in the office. The largest percentage of those working like this is among young people. In Russia, the number of freelancers who work for themselves from home is increasing every year. This is the most promising area of ​​activity in the field of IT technologies, translations, writing articles and more. A separate item of earnings for employees who are self-employed is the registration of an instagram account. Let’s consider this direction in more detail.

What you need to create a unique Instagram page:

  • target audience and format of further work.
  • Attracting specialists in their field, who can be found on a safe service for working with freelancers Profilance. To do this, you need to register here and set the task. The contractors themselves will offer the version and price. You just need to choose from the proposed options the best one for you.
  • Make an advance payment, which will be kept in your account until the order is completed.
  • Directly exchange files and opinions on the task being performed. Jointly agree on it.
  • Agree with a specialist who works remotely from home, for whom we are making this page, that is, the target audience and title of this page. Or enter already the name of the current brand (for business accounts).
  • The next point when creating Instagram accounts is to create an avatar or photo and writing a unique profile description by which your products will be recognized.
  • The next step is to agree on the number of photos required to upload and their size .
  • Subscribers and subscriptions – this is also an important point. How many of them will the ordered account be calculated for.
  • When work for a freelancer is agreed in all key positions, he can begin to implement it. One of the main components of it is the quality and terms of performance.
  • And of course, the warranty period, which is 21 the day after the order was accepted. Any improvements during this period are performed free of charge, according to the client’s technical specifications.
  • until he completes it in accordance with the terms of reference. There is an arbitration on the Profilance website, where disputes between the customer and the contractor are considered.

Of all this, we can conclude that in order to create a high-quality instagram account, it is better to contact professionals in their field who are registered on a secure service for working with freelancers Profilance.

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