Nov 24, 2022
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CP: A man shot people because of a divorce


The man could not survive the divorce and division of property.

A terrible tragedy unfolded in the south of Russia. Vladimir Zhirov, a resident of Krymsk, killed four people in an attempt to shoot his ex-wife.

Vladimir Zhirov, with a rifle in his hands, pursued his ex-wife Galina. The woman managed to run into the mall and asked for help. A man stood up for the victim, but the perpetrator shot him.

According to media reports, the death toll has risen to three. Terrible footage of how Zhirov fires several shots at passers-by and finishes off those lying on the ground has hit the Web.

There is a survivor among those who came under fire. 61-year-old Vladimir Volosh is now in intensive care with a lower back injury. His condition is extremely serious. The offender himself was found dead at his son’s house.

They say the man opened fire because of the loss in court to Galina. The ex-spouses and their son Yuri shared the property. During the meeting, the apartment went to Zhirova and the heir.

It is known that Vladimir began litigation three years ago. He filed a lawsuit against his son, who bought an apartment for almost 2 million rubles. As journalists write, while Yuri was diagnosed with a mental illness. However, the disease did not prevent him from making a purchase and sale transaction.

Having lost the case, Zhirov began a legal dispute with his ex-wife. This morning the court sided with Galina.

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