Apr 29, 2022
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Cow from under a palm tree: Dairy shelves falsely moo

Cow from under a palm tree: Dairy shelves falsely moo

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Russian officials engaged in outright populism – they began to portray vigorous activity in the absence of it. So, in Roskachestvo they were surprised to find that, it turns out, about a third of the so-called “butter” on store shelves is an outright fake. The agency promises to ensure “the prevention of such violations in the future”, but this is not even funny.

“Test results have shown that unscrupulous manufacturers reduce the cost of butter, making super profits by adding vegetable fats to the composition. The share of falsification with vegetable fats among brands of oil in the low price segment was 30%, ”the message of Roskachestvo says.

Yes, well, right? Who would have thought! Moreover, the officials decided to play a very specific role and even listed counterfeit brands. These are Village Cow, Solnechnaya Dolina, Milk Mosaic, Vologda Traditions, Slavyanskoe and Volzhanochka. With indication of manufacturers. Those who do not have enough money do not buy these products anyway, since they have nothing to do with oil. Actually, this is known to everyone and for a very long time.

In fact, real butter on the Russian market comes only from Belarus. Brest and Rogachev. At Parents you won’t spoil it, they put you in jail for the “bodyagi”, and they do it right. But in Russia everything is possible, although it seems like it is also forbidden.

“According to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “On the Safety of Milk and Dairy Products”, the fat phase of natural dairy products must contain only cow’s milk fat. Any addition of fats of non-dairy origin, as well as vegetable fats, is unacceptable and is a falsification, ”says the head of the chemical and toxicological department of the Belgorodskaya MVL Tatiana Provornaya.

Should, yes, who would argue. There is even a law “On the Quality and Safety of Food Products” (Federal Law No. 29 of 01/02/2000, – ed.), and according to it, theoretically, someone can be punished. Fine. Individuals – up to 25 minimum wages, officials – up to 50 minimum wages, legal entities – up to 1000 minimum wages. But no one has ever heard of anything like it.

“The profit on butter is like on “singed” vodka, even higher. A person does not buy vodka every day, and if he buys, he quickly dies. But oil is always necessary for everyone. As long as there is demand, there will be supply. By the way, the cheese is also going well, ”says the “entrepreneur” Grigory.

He does not have his own brand, he works to order. Printing is provided to him, but sometimes he buys himself. Fortunately, now you can print anything, if you have money.

It is curious, but most of the “bodyagi” is made not by such swindlers, but by the factories themselves. That is, this is not a “counterfeit”, for which you can “sit down” for five years (again, theoretically …). This is nothing more than “a violation of technology.” And even if someone after using this product was poisoned, earned a disability or, God forbid, died, it is completely unrealistic to open a criminal case. Because you need to prove “malicious intent”, but this is already from the category of unscientific fiction.

A few years ago, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation was going to be supplemented with Article 238.2 “Production for the purpose of marketing, importation into the territory of the Russian Federation for the purpose of marketing or sale of counterfeit food products.” They never got together, the “food mafia” “torpedoed” the initiative. Yes, and this is again about the “counterfeit”. Yes, there is, these same “George” in their workshops interfere with palm oil, all sorts of low-grade fats and other filth, making “butter”. However, as follows from the results of the Roskachestvo inspection, legal manufacturers are also doing the same. And on a colossal scale.

A number of companies generally operate on the verge of legality, creating “clone brands”. That is, they pack their products in packaging similar to “promoted” goods. In particular, there is a “clone” of Brest butter, and it seems that there is not even one. The swindlers have not yet reached the products of the Rogachev IWC, but there are not very many of them on our market (in the sense of oil). But they will get there too.

“Belarusian oil” is also a common inscription. It has nothing to do with Belarus, but the main information is written so small that it is just right to take a magnifying glass. The people are “led”. Because I am sure that Belarusian means quality. If it’s really Belarusian, then yes. But it’s not always true…

Rospotrebnadzor and Roskachestvo are aware of all this lawlessness. And with quality, and with “clones”, and with counterfeit too. What is there to say, everyone knows. How much palm oil is imported into the country is known, moreover, despite the ban on the export of this product introduced in Indonesia, our hucksters claim that they will still bring it to Russia.

“We will continue to supply all the necessary oil and fat products based on palm oil to our partners from related industries – for confectionery, bakery, dairy, for the production of instant products and others,” says the head of the Oil and Fat Union Mikhail Maltsev.

It’s scary to even imagine that under the guise of palm oil, merchants will now be taken to Russia …

But the problem, in fact, lies elsewhere. In 1991, there were 20 million milking herds in the RSFSR, today it is only about a third of this figure. Accordingly, instead of 55 million tons of milk, we have only about 30 million tons. And not the fact that this figure is correct. The Ministry of Agriculture regularly reports on the growth of milk yields and other progress in the dairy industry, but now it is generally unrealistic to find natural milk on the counter. Some “milk drinks”, that is, fierce ersatz.

And it all started not yesterday, farmers have been sounding the alarm for many years. That speculators have set monopoly purchase prices that are below cost. That costs are rising, and loans are becoming more expensive. That there is no domestic technology – they still work on the Soviet one. Etc. Dairy farming is in a deep crisis, and has been for a long time.

“The industry is not in the best position. At a time when it is important for the consumer to reduce the price of milk, producers are faced with a constant rise in prices for feed and energy resources. What will they do when they can’t pay for all this? Of course, they will decide to slaughter the cattle, ”the executive director of the Union of Independent Agricultural Organizations of the Belgorod Region warned a year ago. Anatoly Alekseev.

Now everything has risen in price at times, the cost of milk is very high. And the purchase prices of the hucksters are at the same level, they have not changed for many years. And the cattle began to be slaughtered. So, Altai farmer Alexander Vyatkin instead of his dairy herd (80 dairy cows) he started sheep.

“They are monopolists, setting prices in sync. Everything has risen in price, except for milk. I can’t get out of loans, I owe about three million rubles to Sberbank, ”Alexander explains his decision.

And the Ministry of Agriculture will again report on the plus for milk, there is not even a doubt about it. “Drawing” is easy.

Despite the huge amount of money in the treasury, no livestock support program has been implemented in Russia. Moreover, there is not even a plan for the development of the industry, in particular, dairy farming. With the current riot of prices and the impunity of speculators-dealers, it looks like it will completely die. And all of us will be poisoned with chemistry.

“Roskachestvo sent information about the identified violations to the authorized control and supervisory authorities. Roskachestvo is working with manufacturers and retail chains to remove these products from sales and prevent such violations in the future, ”the department reports.

It is impossible to prove that the traders poisoned or deceived you. There are surrogates openly in the stores, on which it is written that this is a type of natural product. Butter. Looks like it grew on a palm tree. Prices are rising, and from the “lantern”, hucksters completely arbitrarily change the cost of goods. And they continue to poison the Russian people.

The people are tired of the arbitrariness of traders and other crooks. And he wants to understand what will happen tomorrow, where the country will go and whether it will go. Everybody wants. And peasants who have to send their cows for slaughter, and city residents who are forced to buy carcinogenic chemicals instead of milk and butter.

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