Oct 15, 2020
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COVID-sick tennis player faces disqualification after leaving Russia

American tennis player Sam Querrey may be suspended from participation in tournaments for three years for violating the security protocol, writes "Sport Express".

Before the tournament in St. Petersburg, Querry was tested for coronavirus, which turned out to be positive. As a result, he was removed from the competition. The disease was also detected in the athlete's wife and son. The doctors ordered the tennis player to be examined and, if serious symptoms appeared, to be ready for hospitalization.

Meanwhile, Querrey and his family left Russia on a private jet. The ATP expressed dissatisfaction with his actions and decided to organize an investigation.

Now the athlete faces a fine of up to $ 100 thousand or suspension from ATP and ATP Challenger tournaments for up to three years.

According to journalist Ben Rottenberg, the tennis player was afraid of hospitalization and separation from a child in a foreign country, and the poet flew to a country where a negative test is not required to cross the border. Where exactly Querrey went is not specified.

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