Apr 29, 2022
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Covid is over – there is no need for medical staff anymore

Covid is over - there is no need for medical staff anymore

Photo: Vladimir Gerdo/TASS

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the legislator of anti-COVID measures has been the Mother See, which most regions have been equal to. Back in April, the Moscow authorities decided to remove more than five thousand beds from the fund for patients. And the huge reserve hospitals at the Krylatskoye sports palace, the Sokolniki exhibition center, the Moscow shopping center and at VDNKh were planned to be mothballed.

Everything seems to be logical: the pandemic was defeated, the terrible covid was recorded in the category of seasonal diseases. So why keep “extra” thousands of beds? But not only beds with bedside tables turned out to be unnecessary, but also doctors.

Two years ago, I had to call in doctors who were ready to work in Moscow on a rotational basis, because there was not enough infectious disease medical staff. People responded, more than 2.3 thousand medical workers came to the capital from 25 cities of Russia. They were guaranteed free accommodation and meals. But after the urgent need for their work disappeared, they began to be fired. And put them on the street in the literal sense, because the newcomers live in hotels and hostels. Someone is given a few days so that at least things can be collected, but there was a case when they took … only an hour for the collection. It happens that the dismissal is warned just a few days. At the same time, doctors are offered to leave of their own free will … Such facts took place in the Voronovskoe MCCIB, City Clinical Hospital No. 24 at VDNKh, the RZD-medicine clinic named after. Semashko. Several such cases were described by Kommersant.

People, of course, are indignant, write complaints: to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Investigative Committee and the labor inspectorate. And what is the result? One of those fired, Margarita Lipovskaya, has already received a response from the labor inspectorate: in accordance with government decree No. 336 of March 10, 2022, unscheduled inspections by the State Labor Inspectorate in Moscow have been suspended.

It’s not clear what the government’s decision to suspend unscheduled inspections has to do with it,” he said. lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky.

“People are complaining about specific violations of their rights. If such a response is received, then this is a reason for filing a complaint with the prosecutor’s office. After all, physicians are being cut due to a decrease in the incidence rate. So, they should be fired exactly with this wording. This is quite possible, but it is illegal to force people to write “on their own”. It’s just very difficult to give advice at a distance, not knowing what situation a person is in. Perhaps, dismissal “on one’s own” for someone will be the best way out of the situation.

In general, if you call a spade a spade, then yesterday’s heroes of the anti-COVID front were simply “written off to the reserve.” What are the administrations of medical institutions counting on when they treat people this way… Are they saving money? They don’t want to pay compensation due to the reduction? Not everyone has the strength and desire to get involved in judicial squabbles. Many, most likely, will resignedly write statements “on their own” and go home. That’s just how officials will dodge if a new state of emergency suddenly happens?

WHO recently worried again: a new infection has appeared in America and Europe. 170 cases of acute hepatitis of unknown origin were recorded. The virus affects children and adolescents aged from one month to 16 years.

WHO officials say hepatitis A, B, C, E and D viruses have not been found in any of these cases. The patients did not come into contact with each other, the analysis of their lifestyle and eating habits did not reveal any coincidences. In this case, the disease is severe. One small patient died. Ten percent of patients need a liver transplant.

So far, this news has not caused much excitement in Russia. Rospotrebnadzor assures that cases of acute hepatitis of unknown etiology have not yet been identified, and the risk of importing infection from outside is minimal.

“With most countries where cases of hepatitis of unknown etiology have been identified, air traffic is limited,” RIA Novosti quotes the press service of Rospotrebnadzor.

Netizens still treat reports of a new infection as games of the “world behind the scenes”.

“If you save water out of spite Putinas they called in Germany, and not to wash, then this is the result ”;

“Again, they want everyone to be muzzled and driven into apartments! For some reason, all the new muck has recently begun to appear almost in batches ”;

“A new virus from several hepatitis viruses was created and thrown into the world.”

Academician Igor Gundarov also believes that “unknown” hepatitis does not pose a threat. Unlike what is happening now in domestic medicine.

“I remind you once again that all viruses live with us from time immemorial. Nothing new can be. And humanity adapts to everyone. This is a natural process. In order to talk about the outbreak of a new disease, you need to conduct complex studies. So, I think the panic statements of the WHO are an attempt to repeat the “covid” hysteria. Just for a different reason. Apparently, it is necessary to divert the attention of the world community from something.

As for shutting down covid hospitals and laying off staff… I look at this with sad optimism. It is sad that officials treat doctors so unfairly, thereby finishing off the healthcare system. And optimism comes from the fact that in the cleared place it will no longer be necessary to reform, but to rebuild everything anew. And we have the opportunity to create an effective working system.

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