Oct 13, 2020
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Covid funeral scandal and "resurrected" grandfather in Kuzbass: relatives do not know who was buried and demand compensation

The Investigative Committee for the Kemerovo Region is conducting a pre-investigation check after reports of negligence, due to which residents of the village of Shabanovo were given the body of a stranger who died from coronavirus infection for burial. RIA Novosti writes about it.

Earlier, residents of the village of Shabanovo, Leninsk-Kuznetsk district, told local television that they had buried an elderly relative, a ward of a boarding school for the disabled. A week later, they were asked to come to the boarding school for identification, as a result of which it turned out that the grandfather was alive. It is alleged that two patients were hospitalized from a nursing home, but a living patient was discharged with someone else's passport.

The pensioner's granddaughter confirmed that the coffin was not opened before the funeral, since the "deceased" was diagnosed with coronavirus. According to her, the relatives do not know who was buried on the territory of the family burial and whether there was even a body in the coffin. "Firstly, we need to restore the documents, and secondly, we need to find those who are guilty in this situation," she said, saying that she plans to seek compensation for "moral and material costs."

The acting director of the orphanage, Savely Sarbadakov, confirmed that, apparently, the hospital staff had confused the patients, Rise reports. "Our two recipients [социальных услуг] were in the hospital. As a result, one then turned out to be not the one who was brought. That is, they brought one person under a different name, we realized that it was not him, "Sarbadakov explained.

He clarified that the representatives of the institution sent a request to the prosecutor's office. The Ministry of Health of the Kemerovo Region told RBC that the department is undergoing an official check on this matter.

"A commission consisting of specialists from the Ministry of Health of Kuzbass visited all medical organizations to check the organization of medical care for patients with a new coronavirus infection. In addition, all medical documents were requested from all medical organizations that participated in providing medical care to these patients," she said Deputy Minister Yulia Brezhneva.

The Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the region also reported that the director of the boarding school appealed to the investigating authorities with a statement about the negligence committed by the medical workers.

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