Sep 17, 2020
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COVID-19 Victims’ Association Sues Prime Minister in France

The French Association of Sick and Victims of COVID-19 Victimes Coronavirus France is suing Prime Minister Jean Castex, Le Parisien writes.

The association accuses Kasteks of not taking large-scale measures to combat the epidemic, which the situation requires.

According to the lawyer of the association Fabrice Di Visio, the prime minister violated article 223-7 of the Criminal Code, which is directed against those who deliberately do not take measures to deal with an emergency that poses a threat to people's lives.

It is noted that the complaint is submitted to the Court of the French Republic - a body that considers cases against the country's top leadership.

According to the latest data, 404,888 cases of coronavirus infection have been identified in France. In total, more than 31 thousand infected people have died in the country since the beginning of the pandemic from COVID-19.

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