Jul 1, 2020
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COVID-19 stroke develops less frequently than previously thought – study

A new large study showed that stroke is a relatively rare complication of coronavirus infection. But against the background of infection, it is extremely difficult.

The work published in the journal Stroke, indicates that strokes against the background of COVID-19 do not develop as often as stated in previous reports.

According to new data, stroke develops in less than 1% of hospitalized patients with confirmed COVID-19. This is significantly lower than the indicators demonstrated by small studies conducted in China and Italy (2-5%).

A new study confirmed that with coronavirus infection, stroke progresses in younger patients, its course is worse, and the risk of death is seven times higher than in uninfected patients.

In the study, scientists analyzed data from 3,556 patients with COVID-19 from a network of Langon hospitals in the United States who were treated between March 15 and April 19, 2020. During this period, stroke developed in 32 patients. They compared disease characteristics with stroke data in people who were not infected with coronavirus.

During the study, 63% of stroke patients and COVID-19 died. The average mortality due to ischemic stroke in the United States is 9%. The study also showed that at least 56% of strokes with COVID-19 develop due to increased blood coagulation due to infection.

“Our study shows that stroke is a rare but very important complication of coronavirus, given that these strokes are more severe than strokes in people with a negative virus test,” said Shadi Yaghi, associate professor of New York University , co-author of the study.

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