Dec 31, 2020
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COVID-19 history will have to be rewritten

COVID-19 history will have to be rewritten

Traces of the coronavirus were found in blood samples taken from Americans back in December last year. That is, COVID19 was distributed in the United States months before it was announced in China. Thus, the version that the pandemic began from the market in Wuhan is finally dismissed.

39 blood samples donated in mid-December in Oregon, California and Washington with antibodies to the new coronavirus were identified. Already in the fall of last year, it spread throughout the world, it is found in November analyzes in Brazil, in September in Italy. China has acknowledged that the first cases of coronavirus appeared in Wuhan in mid-November.

The question arises, why the virus was not detected in a timely manner, why did China, where cases were reported in November, wait for December 31 to report it to the World Health Organization?

It seems that the beginning of the fight against the epidemic was deliberately delayed, as if someone was waiting for it to cover a large enough mass of the population. China continued to hide the true extent of the infection in February, according to classified documents from the Center for Disease Control in Wuhan, lowering the reported numbers by more than half.

Nikolay Ivanov


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