Feb 17, 2021
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Covert movement, ambushes and raids: how the Russian army is improving its methods of fighting terrorists

Large-scale exercises were held in the Eastern Military District to eliminate illegal armed groups. This was reported on the website of the RF Ministry of Defense. According to legend, the militants tried to infiltrate the fuel and lubricants depots. However, the forces of the outposts stopped the advance of the bandits, and with the arrival of the anti-terror units, the enemy was destroyed. Such trainings are regular in the Russian army. According to experts, the Russian troops are actively improving methods for eliminating bandit formations.

In the combined-arms formation stationed in Buryatia, large-scale exercises with anti-terror units were held. This was reported by the press service of the Eastern Military District. During the training, the servicemen practiced repelling attacks by illegal armed formations (IAF) on strategically important objects of the garrison.

According to the legend, several sabotage groups of terrorists were thrown by small helicopters into protected areas with warehouses of fuel and lubricants. The militants tried to break into the territory of the army facilities, mine the approaches to the fuel tanks, as well as disable stationary systems and communication channels.

However, the forces of the outpost managed to stop the mock enemy on the way to the fuel and lubricants depots. Restraining the onslaught of the enemy and awaiting the arrival of reinforcements, the servicemen took up defensive positions in the back rooms.

“On the alert, anti-terror units were raised, which cordoned off the designated areas, blocked the paths of a possible withdrawal of saboteurs and fire from small arms, RPG-7 grenade launchers and RPO-A (“ Bumblebee ”rocket-propelled flamethrowers. RT) destroyed a mock enemy, ”the website of the RF Ministry of Defense says.

Electronic warfare units played a significant role in eliminating the conditional terrorist threat. In the areas where the militants were blockaded, the servicemen suppressed the enemy’s communication channels and neutralized the explosive devices, which, according to the training plan, were equipped with remotely controlled radio fuses.

It is noted that during the exercises, about 20 units of military equipment and weapons were involved. Such anti-terrorist trainings are of a planned nature and are carried out on the territory of all military units of the combined arms formation of the Eastern Military District.

Blank ammunition and explosives

From the open information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, it follows that the Russian army pays great attention to anti-terrorism. Army formations perform tasks separately and practice interaction with units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, the Ministry of Emergencies and the National Guard.

Trainings on countering illegal armed formations are regularly held both in the country and abroad. For example, last year the personnel of the 201st military base in Tajikistan conducted more than 300 exercises to neutralize the threats posed by the militants.

Taking into account the proximity of troubled Afghanistan, the servicemen practiced repelling attacks by illegal armed groups on ammunition and equipment depots, military camps in Dushanbe and Bokhtar, and Lyaur and Sambuli training grounds.

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Also, according to legend, the anti-terror units imitated the liberation of buildings seized by the enemy, the search, blocking and neutralization of the militants who had penetrated the territory of the garrisons.

“In the course of the exercises, the skills of first aid, engineering and RCB reconnaissance, and the disposal of improvised explosive devices were improved. To create a situation as close as possible to combat, they used blank ammunition for small arms, imitation charges, explosives, smoke, ”the press service of the Central Military District said.

On the territory of Russia, antiterrorist exercises cover all types and branches of troops. Most often, the troops practice eliminating illegal armed groups’ attacks on army units, warehouses, headquarters, port facilities, airfields and command posts, where the most important communication centers are often located.

Often, anti-terrorist drills are carried out with the aim of improving the skills of defense of strategic civilian objects (primarily objects of the fuel and energy complex) and the release of hostages.

Anti-terrorist exercises in Russia envisage the use of various types of military equipment by militants: small helicopters, UAVs, cross-country vehicles, and firearms.

Also, training to neutralize attacks by illegal armed groups involves the widespread use of explosive devices by the enemy, including homemade samples. In this regard, sappers are involved in eliminating the terrorist threat, examining all suspicious objects.

One of the most modern means of detecting explosives is the Korshun portable device. It is an antenna and a radar unit with a control panel. This device allows you to find VUs equipped with electronic components, circuits and transistors.

As Sergei Goncharov, President of the International Association of Veterans of the Alpha Anti-Terror Special Forces, said in an interview with RT, the work of sappers and units equipped with electronic warfare equipment is of great importance in the fight against illegal armed groups.

“The bandits widely practice laying explosive devices with electronic stuffing. Therefore, demining specialists and modern means, such as electronic warfare systems, are needed, ”Goncharov emphasized.

On alert

As follows from the information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, to search for illegal armed groups, Russian troops use aircraft, including unmanned aircraft. The transmission of information and coordinates of the location of the militants is provided by the wearable intelligence, command and communication complex (KRUS) “Strelets”.

The encirclement and neutralization of terrorists is most often carried out with standard weapons: armored personnel carriers BTR-80, BTR-82A, armored vehicles “Tiger”, KamAZ-4320, “Typhoon-K”, mortars, RPG-7 and AGS-17 “Flame” grenade launchers.

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If necessary, attack aircraft and helicopters are used to destroy the caches of illegal armed groups and clusters of terrorists. According to Goncharov, the choice of means of detecting and destroying bandit formations is conditioned by intelligence information about the number and weapons of terrorists.

“Aviation and heavy equipment are used when it is required to destroy a sufficiently large and well-armed group. But most often terrorists attack in small detachments – sometimes three to five people. To eliminate such a formation, ordinary small arms, grenade launchers and flamethrowers are enough, ”Goncharov explained.

In turn, as Alexei Golubev, a participant in anti-terrorist operations in the North Caucasus, noted in the RT commentary, measures to combat illegal armed groups in Russian troops, as a rule, are carried out depending on the specifics of the area where the bandit formations were detected.

In particular, as follows from the materials of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, in the North Caucasus, Russian servicemen are actively practicing the skills of searching for and eliminating illegal armed groups in conditions of low temperatures and mountainous terrain.

So, in early November 2020, scouts of a motorized rifle brigade in Karachay-Cherkessia conducted a night tactical-special exercise at the Kobu-Bashi training ground to neutralize a conditional bandit formation located in the mountains. The servicemen worked out search, covert movement, disabling enemy communications, organizing ambushes and raids.

“In my opinion, the main key to success is the planning of the operation, which takes into account all the circumstances and data about the enemy. For example, if it is required to neutralize distant groups of militants, it is appropriate to use more powerful means of destruction, as an option – to send aviation, “Golubev said.

The expert believes that Russia has achieved great success in the fight against terrorism, but its danger is still great. According to the statistics of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, in 2020 the power departments of the Russian Federation destroyed 49 militants, detained 36 gang leaders and 162 members of illegal armed groups.

In the course of anti-terrorist measures, about 600 firearms, 134 improvised explosive devices, over 100 thousand cartridges, as well as more than 3 thousand mines, grenades and other ammunition were seized, 184 facts of financing of militants were suppressed.

“Terrorists are constantly improving the way they implement their plans. Therefore, we see an active process of training our servicemen to combat this evil. Regular trainings and exercises help the anti-terror units to be in combat readiness and, if necessary, carry out the assigned tasks, “Golubev summed up.

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