Jan 27, 2021
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Court ordered Pashinyan to apologize to the family of former Finance Minister Khachatryan

The court ordered the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan to apologize to the family of the ex-Minister of Finance of the country Gagik Khachatryan, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the lawyers of the Khachatryan family.

The court considered the civil suit of the Khachatrian family against Pashinyan, his administration and press secretary Mane Gevorgyan.

According to the plaintiffs, in April last year, Gevorgyan made an “offensive and defamatory” post on her Facebook page. In the suit, the Khachatryans demanded an apology for the insulting expressions addressed to them, as well as a refutation of the defamatory information.

The court found the Khachatryans’ claim justified and ruled to oblige Nikol Pashinyan to refute the post published by his press secretary.

The decision of the court will enter into force one month after its publication, within the same period it can be appealed to the Civil Court of Appeal.

The lawyers clarified that within five days after the entry into force of the court decision, an apology on behalf of Pashinyan should appear on Gevorgyan’s Facebook page, as well as information refuting allegations, including “about the acquired illegal state”, “about the management of Gagik Khachatryan and his sons the corrupt mafia system. “

The Khachatryan defense also noted that the refutation may also be published in a print edition with a circulation of five thousand copies.

Recall that Khachatryan was arrested in 2019 on charges of abuse of office, which inadvertently entailed grave consequences, and embezzlement of property on an especially large scale. He was released on bail last October. Khachatryan disagrees with the charges brought against him.

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