Dec 29, 2020
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Country of cannibals and maniacs. Violence in Russia is indestructible like the flu

The State Duma of the Russian Federation approved the amendments in the third reading to the law on libel. Who can he protect and how?

On the eve of the RF State Duma approved the amendments in the third reading to the law on libel.

According to the amendments, if recognized as defamation on the Internet, the “criminal” faces up to two years in prison or a fine of up to one million rubles. For defamatory information about the disease – four years in prison or three million fines. For a “false” accusation of sexual violence – five years in prison or five million rubles in a fine. And even if you forget for a moment that people are seriously going to be sentenced to real terms and unbearable fines for words , it is impossible to forget about the problem of violence in this country.

We will never tire of telling you the stories of victims of sexual crimes, but in this article, numbers will tell us more eloquently.

According to the World Health Organization for 2017, every third woman in the world has experienced violence at least once in her life. Almost 40% of murders of women are murders committed by their sexual partner, a man. During a corresponding survey in Russia, every fifth respondent reported cases of physical violence.

And here it is important to take into account that due to various social factors, most victims of domestic or sexual violence do not report what is happening even to close people, not to mention law enforcement agencies. And if they do report, they often become victims of stereotypes about a difficult female share

At the beginning of this year, the Prosecutor General’s Office admitted that in January the number of rapes in Russia increased by 72%. During the pandemic, the situation deteriorated significantly. According to the report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the state of crime, the number of rapes and attempted rapes in May-June 2020 increased by more than a third, compared to the same period 2019 of the year. If we add to this the data of human rights defenders that only 20 are reported about sexual violence against themselves, fewer 10% of these cases, and there is still no law on domestic violence in Russia – it can be assumed that women are really hated in the Duma.

“Now defamation combined with the accusation of sexual assault is a crime of average gravity, which means that a punishment in the form of real imprisonment can be imposed on a person, even who has committed such a crime for the first time. At the same time, the law does not provide for such harsh penalties for many crimes against sexual freedom and sexual inviolability. For example, the maximum punishment for compulsion to acts of a sexual nature (Part 1 of Art. 133 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) is up to 1 year l / s, and sexual intercourse with a person not those who have reached the age of sixteen (part 1 of Art. 133 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) – up to 4 years, lecherous actions (part 1 of Art. 135 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) – up to 3 years ”, – comments on the initiative of the head of the Center for the Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence under the Consortium of Women’s Non-Governmental Organizations Mari Davtyan.

“This is the kind of math, talking about a crime will be more dangerous than committing it. And this is in a country where there are no trained police officers, investigators and courts working on these cases, where until now, after reporting a rape, you can hear “why went home so late” and get through 30 24 hours a decision to refuse to initiate a criminal case. <...> it is quite clear who they are trying to protect by this cannibalistic law “

The initiative, threatening sexual integrity, has not yet been approved by the Federation Council and signed by the head of state, Vladimir Putin. Activists are calling for the amendments to be canceled, a corresponding petition is published on the Change org website.

“Discrimination applies not only to women suffering from rape (the latency of such crimes reaches 90, while there are fewer incriminating cases 10%). It concerns ALL residents of Russia who will try to use their civil right to publicity and report openly committed crimes. Including journalists and bloggers who conduct political investigations related to corruption and other abuses of power, emphasizes the author of the petition, Larisa Zhukova. “This bill is aimed at depriving us of the last tool available to us to defend civil rights – publicity.”

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