Oct 6, 2021
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Country chooses “Teacher of the Year of Russia – 2021”

On the eve of Teacher’s Day, Moscow hosted a competitive test “Press conference” Question to the teacher of the year “in the framework of the all-Russian competition” Teacher of the Year of Russia “. It was the last one for the five finalists of the competition: Anastasia Shramko from Stavropol, Ekaterina Kostyleva from Tyumen, Maria Golovanova from Tatarstan, Artem Barat from Moscow and Dmitry Morozov from Khabarovsk. On October 5, when Teacher’s Day is celebrated, the grand jury will announce the name of the winner, who will become an advisor to the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation on a voluntary basis. Izvestia talked with the finalists and figured out how to direct the children’s attention from gadgets to study, how the Fixies and Smeshariki are useful, and how a teacher can keep up with the times.

“I was a very timid child”

“I teach history, social studies, law, economics for all grades from 5th to 11th,” Dmitry Morozov, a history and social science teacher at school # 38 in Khabarovsk, told Izvestia. – It is very difficult to get into the “Teacher of the Year of Russia” competition: you must first win the regional selection, prove that you are the best.

My teaching method is most easily described in a modern word like edutainment – a combination of education and entertainment. At the same time, my goal as a teacher is not just to entertain the children, but to come up with such mechanisms, ways of studying history, so that the student simultaneously gets pleasure and knowledge, some kind of competence. For example, I often use video games – in the classroom, in the extracurricular system. I think that now video games are such a topic that is closed to the teaching community. My activity is trying to open the eyes of teachers, to show that our hands are free, that we can use this method for teaching.

Photo: personal archive / Dmitry Morozov, teacher of history and social studies at school # 38 in the city of Khabarovsk

When we teach a new generation, it is always important to refer specifically to the works of mass culture, which is popular with children. This does not mean that the lesson should begin with quotes from Morgenstern’s songs. But nevertheless, it is very important to create such a context so that the child understands that he is not studying something detached from life at school. With the help of school, he first of all learns the surrounding reality.

Becoming a teacher for me is a story of overcoming personal barriers. I was a very timid child: when I was in high school, I experienced big problems with publicity, with access to the blackboard. And somewhere in the 8th and 9th grade, I decided for myself that it was either now or never. It is necessary for oneself to set a goal that is directly impossible. And I went to a teacher training school. While I was entering and while studying, I realized that it was really mine. Becoming a teacher who is 100% public was an important step.

“Love plus technique”

– Each teacher has his own approach to teaching methods. For me, this is the motivation of students and practice, ”Yekaterina Kostyleva, a physics teacher at Tyumen gymnasium No. 16, shared with Izvestia. – For example, in Rostov-on-Don, I gave a lesson on internal energy, in which students worked with models of residential buildings. They conducted an experiment: they measured the temperature, chose the color and material of the building. It is important for me that the guys receive knowledge that they can apply in life.

Photo: personal archive / Physics teacher of Tyumen gymnasium №16 Ekaterina Kostyleva

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about the fact that it is difficult to distract children from gadgets and direct their attention to study, but I do not think that it is impossible to sit on the phone at all: after all, even adults need a break from activities. If during the lesson the child has the opportunity to self-actualize and talk about what is interesting to him, make a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, he will be carried away. All children are different: someone is more interested in solving problems, someone is more interested in conducting experiments, someone is passionate about animals or likes to work in a team. In this case, you can make a physics project related to animals, for example. It is important to find an individual approach in order to reveal the child through what he is interested in.

Photo: RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov / Online conference of the competition “Teacher of the Year of Russia”

In my work, I turn to different characters that are popular with children – from “Smeshariki” and “Fixies” to YouTube bloggers who shoot entertaining videos on physics. So, the last time the guys and I reviewed the issues of Dmitry Pobedinsky, who talks about various physical laws. Sometimes I turn to television programs, for example, Eagle and Tails, when it comes to fuel, ecology and some other similar things.

I was lucky in my life, there were always very good mentors with me – my teachers and senior comrades at work. It is important that the teacher is a good person, loves children, can put himself in the child’s shoes, and protect him. You need to learn yourself throughout your life, learn and apply new techniques, look for new tools. The formula “love plus technique” is important here.

Now the conditions in which we live and the requirements for students are changing. In particular, digital technologies have entered our life, which Soviet teachers did not have. I think the digital environment, when applied correctly, can facilitate learning.

“Children give moral and physical strength”

“I think the jury of the competition was interested in the fact that I position myself as a teacher-blogger, while maintaining the traditional approach to teaching,” Anastasia Shramko, a teacher of Russian language and literature at Lyceum No. 14 in the city of Stavropol, suggested in an interview with Izvestia. – I run Instagram, there are also my podcasts on Yandex.Music, iTunes and various music platforms. But I do not bring media space to my studies: if my children and I watch film adaptations of books, it does not take the whole lesson.

In my opinion, gadgets for children are like fire, like gas: you can use them for good purposes, or you can just waste time on them. Therefore, it is necessary to show schoolchildren that side of gadgets that will help turn them into useful ones, but not forcibly. Somewhere by cunning, somewhere to interest, somewhere to plant an open book at the right time.

Photo: personal archive / Anastasia Shramko, teacher of Russian language and literature at Lyceum No. 14 of the city of Stavropol

A separate issue is working with difficult children. In my opinion, any problem in a child’s behavior is a signal that something is wrong with him. You must first understand why the behavior is problematic, and try to enter into a dialogue. If you can understand the reason, you can then deal with it.

Why am I teaching? My children, students, give me moral strength – and sometimes even physical. We learn something from each other every day. The people who inspired me to pedagogy are my primary school teacher, my class teacher, university teachers. These are the contestants: they are very cool, each is individual in its own way. I also learn something from them. A good teacher learns all the time, in my opinion.

I have a need to share what is valuable, spiritually or materially. Share knowledge, experience, provide support. In addition, as a child, I loved to play with my friends at school, I just really liked it. Over time, of course, it was forgotten, but then, when I thought about who I want to become, it somehow came by itself, and there was no doubt. It was like an insight: “What to think about at all? How could I not have thought before? ” And that’s all, and went.

“English as Mathematics”

– In my work, I use the technology of teaching mathematics to teach English. This is an activity-based method that everyone knows from the course of mathematics by Lyudmila Georgievna Peterson, ”Maria Golovanova, an English teacher at Kazan gymnasium No. 122, told Izvestia.

– When the lessons are interesting and the material is presented in an accessible way, the child will always pay maximum attention to his studies, at least at school. And the skills of independent learning in children are now practically lost, therefore, I think that technology can be used here: various portals where homework can be entertaining and interactive, or a creative component so that the child is interested.

Photo: personal archive / English teacher of Kazan gymnasium №122 Maria Golovanova

In my lessons, I turn to the heroes of the past – individuals who have left some kind of mark, achievements in history. For example, to Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, our emperors. In our English language textbook, each module has a section dedicated to the history of Russia or contemporary personalities. In my opinion, in contrast to the same “Simpsons” and the heroes of the Marvel comics, Gagarin and Korolev should be present – they are closer to me.

How to deal with difficult – absent-minded or hyperactive children? There must be a change of activity here. If it is monotonous, any child, even the most calm one, will begin to be distracted and show activity in the wrong direction. It all depends on the teacher. Physical activity is also important: when children work in groups, they can get up, move around, interact in dialogue. In this regard, our subject is quite free.

It is very important for a modern teacher to be flexible, since the education system does not stand still, it is being improved. It is important to keep up with these trends, to understand how rapidly the child is changing. The teacher must be a very dynamic person, keeping up with the times.

“Received three deuces for a physics lesson”

“At school, I had two favorite subjects – biology and mathematics,” Artem Barat, a physics teacher at school No. 1520 named after the Kaptsovs in Moscow, told the “City Methodological Center”. – Physics didn’t work out for me, I tried to understand it, but nothing worked. I remember how I scared my parents in my senior year, having received three deuces in a lesson. It seems to me that it was on that day that I realized that I wanted to study this particular science. And my pedagogical development began at the university, when I began to look closely at how teachers conduct lectures, what techniques they use for this.

Photo: Methodical Center “/ Physics teacher at the Kaptsov School No. 1520 in Moscow Artem Barat

I think that now it is very important to be on the same team with the children. I study with the children together, learn something new from them. In our time, it is joint teamwork that plays an important role – in contrast to the Soviet era, when communication was more one-way. It seems to me that today’s children are passionate about the same thing as my peers, but they have a more open world: they can listen to lectures in different languages, for example.

My cosmos is to become that iconic teacher in the life of every child I teach.

Anastasia Platonova

Cover photo: personal archive

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