Sep 22, 2021
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Countries that will not survive the next cycle of crisis

Afghanistan will knock on your door. Will Russia be able to accommodate 50 million refugees from the former Soviet republics amid growing instability in Central Asia?

The discussion is attended by students of the Faculty of Higher Management and the Faculty of Career Consulting of the Institute of Russian Political Culture.

The meetings of the club that have already become traditional at the site of the Faculty of Supreme Management allow everyone who would like to understand what is happening in global politics to hear the views of leading political scientists.

00:00 Introductory
04:44 Kolmogorov: the future that the United States is counting on
09:10 Why Bzezhinsky regretted the collapse of the USSR
11:27 Why did the US throw trillions of dollars east
22:17 Marked dollars that can’t buy anything
24:45 New state Pashtunia and great Tajikistan
30:35 Plan to tear up Pakistan
35:06 Why Taiwan is not a tenant
36:52 Unification of states against digital cameras
45:11 Who will receive the nuclear potential of Pakistan
46:06 Will there be a Chinese route through Russia
52:15 Khazin: How the market will collapse
1:12:00 How will the logistics flows be divided
1:15:38 Background of the riot in Moscow
1:28:30 Gevorgyan: Turkish sabotage network in Russia
1:36:08 A plan for a new turmoil in the Caucasus
1:45:15 Kolmogorov: Which countries won’t survive
1:58:38 The future of the Turkic civilization

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