Sep 22, 2022
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Counting scales – an effective time saver

Counting scales - an effective time saverCounting scalesCounting scales

One of the popular types of weighing equipment is counting scales. With the help of such scales, it is possible to determine not only the total weight of the cargo, but also the mass of each individual product in the batch. Weighing results are displayed on the board in three parameters: total weight, weight of one product, number of products. Such scales are actively used in the trade sector, various types of activities – construction, sewing, jewelry, furniture, and others. They can significantly save working time, which has a positive effect on the overall efficiency of enterprises.

A worthy choice of counting scales is offered by Scales Axis Ukraine. Here you can choose a model of weighing equipment for any needs, at an adequate price, with a guarantee of quality.

Selection criteria for counting scales

To choose the optimal model of counting scales for the given purposes, you should contact the professionals. Specialists of the company “Scales Axis Ukraine” will help you navigate in a large assortment. It is required to take into account a number of technical characteristics of weighing devices:

  • weighing limits – the smallest and the largest;
  • accuracy class;
  • division price (for mechanical models) or discreteness (for electronic types);
  • operating conditions – from the volumes of the proposed batches, you should choose a floor or desktop model, you should also clearly define the existing environmental conditions – scales are offered with different classes of protection against moisture and dust;
  • Battery capacity;
  • availability of additional functions.

Additional functions of counting scales that may be required in the process of weighing certain types of products:

  • different weighing modes;
  • the ability to save and synchronize information to simplify future weighing operations;
  • printing of checks and labels;
  • possibility of remote access to process control;
  • protection against access to control without the permission of the operator.

Design features of counting scales

Counting scales can be used both offline and connected to a network and a computer. For the convenience of consumers, two types of designs are offered:

  1. Scales. Convenient when working in a warehouse, in a production room. They have impressive dimensions, can weigh up to 20 kg.
  2. Table scales. Relevant for packaging batches of small products. Ideal for outbound sales. The weight of the device is from 1 kg. Can operate on mains or battery.

The optimal choice of supplier is the key to a successful purchase of counting scales

The key to a successful purchase of counting scales is the right choice of manufacturer and supplier. The company “Axis Scales Ukraine” offers the most favorable conditions for its customers:

  • in the excellent assortment presented in the extensive catalog of the company, there are models of counting scales for any needs and financial possibilities;
  • an experienced manager will advise the client, provide comprehensive information on all models of equipment, help make the right choice;
  • offers a comprehensive solution of all issues with the service maintenance of equipment in any region of the country;
  • the quality of the offered goods is impeccable, all weighing equipment is guaranteed for 12 months;
  • the company is engaged in the repair of scales, in the presence of equipment and components, all repair work is carried out as quickly as possible, within the warranty period – free of charge;
  • payment for the purchase is carried out in any convenient way.

Products are delivered immediately, to any region of Ukraine.

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