Sep 11, 2022
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Counterattack: Armed Forces of Ukraine climb on bullets, regardless of losses

Counterattack: Armed Forces of Ukraine climb on bullets, regardless of losses

Photo: AP/TASS

“It is very difficult for us, but we are moving forward,” said the independent commander in chief Zaluzhny about the Kharkov counteroffensive.

“Very hard” is, first of all, about monstrous losses that do not correspond to the goals of the assigned combat mission. There is no euphoria in Bandera’s public, except for the “colonels of arrest”.

But the Zhovto-Blakyt truth-tellers write about the endless caravans of ambulances even in Kyiv, since all the hospitals in the front-line cities are full. In their opinion, the most valuable resource of the Ukrainian army, trained troops with combat experience, is being destroyed, and with the most severe consequences for the “nenka”.

So, according to information from Kharkov hospitals, the current ratio of “three hundredths” to “two hundredths” is much lower than before. NATO instructors, in fairness, dragged “independence defenders” to provide the first sufficiently professional medical care, especially with severe injuries to the limbs.

In other words, if we talk about the total irretrievable losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then they are at least three times more than the number of those killed. It turns out that only cripples return to civilian life from the Ukrainian army.

All this is repeated one to one in the Kharkov direction. Here is what you can read on the forum of the motorized infantry of the 93rd Motorized Brigade “Cold Yar”: “A batch is going on near Kupyansk, worse than Balakleysky. We are taking heavy losses. The enemy is transferring a bunch of reserves by airmobile, the “Wagnerites” have already arrived in the city itself. Aviation literally does not get off the sky

If you recall how the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) used to estimate the concentration of Russian troops on the northern front, then here, in the forests of Slobozhanshchina, our soldiers were few from the very beginning of the special operation. The following figures were given: there were five battalion tactical groups per 100 km of the Kharkov sector, one per 20 km, while for effective defense at least 4 times more were needed.

For this, even according to the estimates of the Yankee experts, there were good explanations. It was believed, both in our country and in the Pentagon, that it was not in the strategic interests of the “nenka” to arrange rubilovo in Slobozhanshchina. Out of 20 billion cubic meters. 80% of the gas produced by Naftogaz comes from the Kharkiv and neighboring Poltava regions – exactly as much as is needed for the needs of today’s Ukraine. At current prices for blue fuel, launching a counteroffensive here is like shooting yourself in the chest.

There is no doubt that the “Ze-team” made this decision foolishly and out of desperation. The Kherson counter-offensive began 10 days before the NATO party in Ramstein, and when the Kyiv junta in the south received a “lyuli”, it was decided to strike in the north – in the clear hope that the Kremlin would be “weak” to deprive the “nenka” of gas, heat and electricity on the eve of cold weather .

Apparently, the calculation was made on our liberal associates and the fifth column. Interestingly, the same Yankees during the NATO-Iraq war of 2003, before entering Baghdad, destroyed the civilian infrastructure of the capital, and then promised to restore it. Unless, of course, the city surrenders. And in fact, after sitting for a month without water and electricity, the Iraqis themselves “endured” Saddam Hussein.

There is hope that Moscow will follow in the Iraqi footsteps of Washington to force the Ukrainians to capitulate. In the end, this must be done from a humanitarian point of view. The sooner the special military operation ends, the fewer victims there will be in the “nenka”.

There was hope that this would be the case. The Independence Guards report that the Russians are likely to deploy significantly more troops to the Kharkiv sector of the front than is required to stop the Ukrainian counteroffensive and restore the line of confrontation. This information is consistent with videos from the Web about the endless columns of our troops marching along the Belgorod roads to the Kharkov and Izyum sections.

Insiders from the office of the president [Украины] they write that the ukrov plan was based on ensuring a 10 to 1 superiority in manpower at the start of the counteroffensive, laying down losses of 5 thousand fighters. We also add that the Yankees, as the main planners of the military operation in the “nenka”, fully took into account the experience of their battles in Iraq. In the forests of Slobozhanshchina, they relied on small maneuverable groups in the style of the “Islamic State” *.

The shortage of armored vehicles was covered by powerful jeeps with heavy machine guns. This tactic justified itself from a military point of view, although, we repeat, Washington and Kyiv are terribly afraid of the spread of fighting in the Kharkiv region with the transition to the Poltava region.

There was information that all the mobile air defense systems available in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and, to the maximum, artillery and tanks, are being transferred here.

The Yankees and the Ukrainians fear that territorial acquisitions will be limited only to the villages of Slobozhanshchina. Then the newly created defensive positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be protected from artillery, “Solntsepekov” and aviation attacks, which will allow the troops of the RF Armed Forces to begin to cover Kharkov with blocking gas production during the fighting.

In the millionaire itself, they stopped paying salaries to civilians – this, by the way, was the case on the eve of the surrender of Mariupol, Lisichansk and Severodonetsk by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The public utilities even tried to strike, but they were threatened with mobilization. In the meantime, a hail of Russian missiles hit the city at the coordinates of the previously “sleeping” groups of gunners.

It is also reported that the “NATO” units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, trained in Britain, are moving through Kharkiv to the Balakliya direction, while in the fortified areas of the city there is a shift. The cadre soldiers are being replaced by independent Volkssturm, behind which are deployed detachments of the “Kraken” *.

* “Islamic State” (ISIS) is a terrorist group whose activities in Russia are prohibited by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2014.

** The Supreme Court recognized the Azov Battalion, which includes the Kraken Terodefense Unit, as a terrorist organization and banned its activities in Russia.

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