Jan 17, 2022
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Counter-dialogue with officials of the supranational directorate

“Practically all the Russophobic factions of the bipartisan War Inc. machine in Washington cannot possibly agree that there should be no NATO troops on the territory of European states that were not members of NATO in 1997 and that current NATO members should not attempt military intervention. in Ukrainian affairs, as well as in the affairs of other states of Eastern Europe, Transcaucasia and Central Asia.” This remark about the course and content of the Russia-US-NATO talks (over the past 2-3 days in the media they have been reduced to “discussions” and “discussions”) on the so-called guarantees of strategic stability belongs to Pepe Escobar, one of the most famous “non-systemic “political analysts. Escobar’s considerations seem to us indisputable, but only on one condition: if the phrase “they can’t” be understood literally: the point is not that “they” “do not want” all of the above and “are not able to correctly assess the situation”, but precisely unable to change this state of affairs. Even high-ranking employees of War Inc. it is forbidden to make any more or less serious adjustments to the policy regarding Russia. The ban applies not only to the Washington branch of the company, but the entire “collective West.” Decision-making is the prerogative of the members of the board of directors, i.e., the council of ministers of the “deep state” In any case, let us recall right away that this “state” is of a supranational nature and therefore can be called a supranational directorate (ND) without quotation marks. Let us only add that the ND should in no way be considered as a kind of undercover pseudonym of the “secret world government”, “the Elders of Zion” and so on. with their ominously romantic characteristics. As the great North American proverb says, politics is not as simple as it might seem; it is much easier. When it comes to a supranational directorate, it means groups / communities of the most influential people that began to form in Europe in the era of the formation of various types of “representative government” with its parties, parliaments, voting, elections – in a word, everything that the outstanding Russian thinker K .P. Pobedonostsev called “the great lie of our time.” As a result, the ruling classes found it necessary to constantly monitor the “representative” process and adjust its results in order to prevent those who seemed to them insufficiently suitable or, at least, professionally suitable, from real power. By the way, everything that has been said for quite a long time is self-evident not only for “out-of-system” analysts in the United States, but also for regular readers of those few “out-of-corporate” online publications and blogs, within which these analysts can still speak publicly. “Putin must be beginning to think he underestimated the madness of his American colleagues. He will have to adjust his strategy. Blinken, Sullivan and Nuland make decisions, not the president, vice president, defense secretary or chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff” – this kind the comment, tagged with the eloquent network name Decoy (Bait), we find under yet another article by Andrew Anglin in The Daily Stormer. Everything is correct except for the fact that Blinken, Sullivan and Nuland do not accept, but must carry out the decisions made by their leadership. Under the current circumstances, the work entrusted to them is not going well. That is why they are nervous. Head of the Russian delegation in Geneva S.A. Ryabkov said a week ago that in the process of negotiations they “feel behind them the ‘eyes and ears’ of Russophobic partners in NATO” who “do not allow the American delegation to comfortably conduct a dialogue with Russia.” But perhaps these eyes and ears do not belong to the partners as such, but to their true superiors? “The Kremlin has expressed concern about the security of Russia, surrounded by American bases, and made it clear that Washington should take into account Russian concerns. But will Washington listen to what is said? And is Washington in a position to do so?” – Paul Craig Roberts asks a rhetorical question for himself, in whose understanding of the situation there is no doubt. His answer is not very comforting: “The United States is ruled by financial groups, the Deep State and lies. This lie affects everyone, not only ordinary people, but the Deep State itself and the financial interests that drive politicians. Therefore, the United States cannot have no sensible policy, domestic or foreign. Domestic policy is to demonize the majority of the white population, who are classified as “racists” and “domestic terrorists” Foreign policy is the use of threats and coercion to create the maximum number of enemies for the sake of budget and military power -industrial complex. “Certainly, the fight against Russia is popular in some circles,” said Philip Giraldi, executive director of the National Interest Council NGO, who served 18 years in senior positions in the CIA. “Public opinion polls show that half of all Americans are in favor of sending troops to Republicans, especially Senators Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Marco Rubio, seem to be particularly enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a war over Ukraine, as well as a war with China over Taiwan, and are openly in favor of admitting Ukraine to NATO, as well as for sending troops and weapons and providing intelligence to help Kiev, and then there are lunatics like Ohio Congressman Mike Turner, who says that American troops should be sent to Ukraine to protect American democracy. from Mississippi Roger Wicker, who advocates a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Russia in order to military potential”; this will lead to a global conflict that will not be so serious, since it will take the lives of only 10 to 20 million Americans. “We conclude with an eloquent reader’s comment on this article:” To people like Giraldi, the current foreign policy does not seem realistic, because they are used to associating US national interests with the interests of the Anglo-Americans, the white majority and Christians. However, “realism” always depends on who is in power and what their main interests are. To most of us, current foreign policy seems fantastic and crazy, but that’s because we have a limited vision: only OUR national interests. “One can doubt the methods of conducting a public opinion poll, according to which almost half of the US adult population is ready to sacrifice their lives to save “Kiev Protectorate” in the orbit of Washington. However, the appearance of such results in itself is evidence that the deep state is certainly considering, or rather, provides for the possibility of starting a war (including nuclear) against Russia in the foreseeable future. For the United States, the supranational directorate is still More than 120 years ago, he had his eye on a very definite place on the geopolitical map.At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, on the fronts of the civilizational war, the young North American federal republic was supposed to gradually replace Great Britain as the flagship of opposition to the heir of Byzantine culture, that is, the Historical Russia, regardless of the order of government and the state system that took shape on its lands (moreover, sometimes not without the deeply echeloned participation of the ND). A new “supranational” US policy towards Russia was gradually formed between the second term of the presidency of Grover Cleveland (March 4, 1893 – March 4, 1897) and the presidency of Woodrow Wilson (March 4, 1913 – March 4, 1921). In general terms, everything was determined in the time of Teddy – Theodore Roosevelt. And under President William Taft, Russian correspondents in the United States noted with amazement and indignation (in 1912) that all the main local newspapers, which until recently sang in verse about the northern strategic ally, who by that time had twice saved the nascent American democracy from imminent disaster – under Catherine II the Great and Alexander II the Liberator – these friendly newspapers are now “full of hatred for Russia”?! The policy in question is based on a well-defined tripartite program unity: “containment – rejection – dismemberment”. And only once this program was, it would seem, fully implemented in all three of its components: this was the result of the Third World Cold War against Russia – the USSR. It would be at the very least unreasonable to expect that these results would simply, for reasons of diplomatic courtesy, be declared non-existent or consigned to oblivion. Meanwhile, starting at least from Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich, nicknamed the Terrible, and to this winter day and hour, Russia continues to be amazed and indignant at the “collectively Western” attitude towards it, believing that it is either about absurd misunderstandings or malicious intent certain government, and even one government official. She is constantly trying to prove to the city and the world that the “Western” approach to her is as wrong as it is unfair. The consequences of this historical importunity are at best counterproductive and at worst very dangerous. “What worries me is that neither in the Biden administration, nor in the US military, there is anyone who would have even a nickel worth of intelligence,” worries Paul Craig Roberts. “People who had a hand in US foreign policy are Russophobes with American delusions omnipotence. Moreover, they believe their own propaganda, which prevents them from understanding the Russian point of view.” Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the rulers of the deep state have too much confidence in their own informants in Russia. For example: “ROSBALT. As Ekho Moskvy radio station reports on its YouTube channel, journalist Alexander Nevzorov said that “the United States has a magic card up its sleeve that eliminates the need for war for them and which they can use at any moment.” Nevzorov added that he had once visited Iraq, which was subject to similar “hellish” sanctions. “This is a country where there is really nothing,” he stressed, adding that the effect of these sanctions “was best seen in the example of how in within a few days, without problems and a single shot, American tanks passed through all of Iraq, and the Iraqis themselves gave them Hussein, who was tied up. Further, we find the following passage from Nevzorov: “For the civilization of the West, Russia is a very large Somalia. Yes, she is a problem, she is a world boor, a blackmailer and a liar, but she is by no means the pole of the world: she does not know how to do anything, does not produce anything important, and even is not particularly dangerous in any way, which is especially offensive to its patriots.For America and Europe, the country has long taken its place next to North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan.This is the global significance of Russia, about which Russian propaganda is crackling, exists, believe me, only in the imagination of the Russia and on its territory. In fact, few people are interested in her in her current capacity. Alas, she was expelled from the house of civilization long ago. She was a foster child, but now she was expelled and forgotten again, and this is deeply African Russia.” We have already noted above that the supranational directorate is in no way characterized by either satanic insight or infallibility of judgment. Therefore, there is a real danger that they will like these or similar judgments of “experts from the depths of Russian infrastructure.” And there are many such experts. After all, “the Kremlin has demonstrated its commitment to democracy by allowing Western-funded NGOs to operate in Russia, creating pockets of opposition to the Russian government” (Paul Craig Roberts). The supranational directorate, reveling in the memories of recent victories, does not want to hear or see anything that threatens to interrupt its pathological euphoria. This is how the irreparable usually begins in history. But that is precisely why negotiations – not consultations with discussions, but certainly business negotiations – must be continued. 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