Oct 17, 2021
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Could the murderers have been cured?

Could the murderers have been cured?

The “Perm shooter” (Timur Bekmansurov, who fired at Perm State University on September 20, 2021, killed 6 people and wounded more than 45) could be cured.

A sensational statement about this was made by a young scientist Ilya Burlakovsky – the author of the famous methodology used by the political and business elite, the sports community and show business.

“Perm Shooter” has repeatedly mentioned on his personal pages in social networks that he suffers from unbearable headaches, ”Ilya Burlakovsky began. – The main cause of these pains, without a doubt, was the violation of cerebral circulation. The overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of our country suffer from this problem.

Burlakovsky sees the root of evil in the erroneous system of obstetrics.

– A woman gives birth to a baby in a supine position. This position is convenient for doctors and midwives, but not for the woman in labor herself and certainly not for the newborn, the scientist explains. – The child must walk vertically, the forces of gravity – gravity – will help him in the correct way to go from the mother’s womb to white light. Today, during childbirth, the small occipital muscles are injured, the nervous system begins to control them incorrectly, fixes the error. As a result, the brain does not develop properly and receives an insufficient amount of oxygen.

The scientist says that at the age of 20 he had pain in the spine, headache, occipital pain, from which he wanted to climb the wall.

“I believe that in such a state a person is capable of committing a crime. In the absence of a sufficient amount of oxygen for the brain and pain in the body, the lines between the norm and the exit from it seem to be erased, says Ilya Burlakovsky.

The doctor performed a huge amount of experiments on himself. As a result, the “Burlakovsky method” appeared and was patented, which received the official name “Atlanta Correction”. Atlas is a small first vertebra, an element of the occipital joint at the base of the skull, which is injured during childbirth …

– The head is, relatively speaking, the roof of your building, that is, the body. And when not everything is in order with the “roof”, there are distortions of the whole “structure”. Hence all our scoliosis, flat feet, distortions of the lower back and legs of different lengths. And, of course, terrible headaches, migraines, which sometimes they try to treat with antidepressants and strong painkillers, but they cause addiction, deformation of the nervous and hormonal systems … I think the “Perm” and “Kazan arrows” sat on antidepressants, which ultimately account led to a malfunction of the nervous system and tragedy.

What is my method? I eliminate the root cause – normalize muscle control at the level of the nervous system, restore the function of the joint. The brain begins to properly supply blood, the clamps go away in the body, the organs fall into place …

According to statistics, many maniacs and murderers are people with impaired blood supply to the brain. This means that the “Burlakovsky method” could well become a sensation, including in forensic science. Maybe for people with a certain diagnosis it is necessary to make treatment according to this method compulsory?

Victoria Kataeva.

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I. Burlakovsky

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