Oct 27, 2021
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Cosmetologists: “When we are at a distance, the skin continues to work”


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Staying at home for a long time, we, as a rule, relax and stop caring for ourselves with the same thoroughness – but in vain. An increased level of stress, overeating, disturbances in the usual sleep pattern, vitamin deficiency, plus seasonal “joys” in the form of constantly operating heating and constant presence within the same space, limited by the apartment, not only dry out the skin, but inevitably affect its quality as a whole. How can I help her?

First of all, it is worth remembering that even when we completely go online, our skin still continues to work, which means that the main principles of caring for it remain the same: cleansing; washing; toning; recovery; UV protection. “I always explain to my patients that the potential of the skin is not only good genetics, but also real epigenetic factors. Our lifestyle, environment, ecology, food habits, how we take care of ourselves, what physical activity we use. – says the cosmetologist – dermatologist Nadezhda Shabanova.- These factors are responsible for whether genetically inherent traits will manifest or not. We need to correctly assess the realities of life and compensate for the harmful influence of the environment that we have. “

During the heating season, the skin saver is a good humidifier, – the dermatologist – cosmetologist and leading a popular blog is sure @dr__viki Victoria Filimonova… – A humidifier must be installed at least in the bedroom, reduce the heating level (if possible) and do not forget about regular ventilation of the entire room. Also, few people think about the negative effects of excess low-intensity blue light spectrum (HEV) radiation, which can cause premature skin aging and increase hyperpigmentation. Therefore, it is so important to minimize the use of gadgets, especially before bed. The artificial blue light of the screen reduces the release of melatonin before bed, and its low level prevents full recovery. But healthy sleep is the key to beautiful skin.

It is equally important, Victoria Filimonova recalls, to systematically and correctly use cosmetics – preparations with a moisture-retaining component (hyaluronic acid, urea, glycerin); moisture locking preparations (oils, silicones, ceramides, etc.); preparations that restore the epidermal layer and create a kind of shield, which contributes to less evaporation of water from the skin.

“During self-isolation, you can add peels for home use (for example: Holy Land AGE CONTROL SUPER LIFT or EYELIGHT ULTRA REFINE EXFOLIATOR) and face masks (Holy Land C THE SUCCESS INTENSIVE TREATMENT MASK or BIO REPAIR CREAM MASK) to your daily care. – Advises readers of “SP” dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist of the EPILAS network of medical centers Alina Kudzieva… “You can master the basics of facial massage – this is a great habit that allows you to maintain an oval longer, and, in any mode of work, look rested and fit.”

Under the influence of bad news and the stress associated with it, character can deteriorate not only in a person, but also in his skin, it becomes dry and irritable, – believes cosmetologist Suna Kazikhanova… Spider veins may appear on the face, and chronic dermatological problems are aggravated. The number of requests for hair loss is also growing. To avoid this, all procedures, according to Kazikhanova, should be aimed at correcting the general somatic state of health: it is important to correct vitamins and nutrients, to work with the intestinal microbiocenosis. “I often refer patients with stress to a good therapist,” says the expert. If the weak link is hormonal, then to the endocrinologist. It is the complex work – when we pay attention to both the mental and the somatic – that allows us to achieve effective (and long-lasting!) Results.

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