May 15, 2020
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Coronavirus outbreak in Kiev: 81 people fell ill in a boarding school for girls

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko 13 May at an emergency briefing announced that in Kiev revealed a new outbreak of coronavirus. In Darnytsia boarding house for girls 13 May is confirmed 81 case of the disease.

First, according to Klitschko, the disease was found in one female employee of the institution, after which PCR tests were done for all employees and pupils. A total of people were tested 84. From the diseased - 35 pupils from 7 to 28 years old. From the staff of the boarding school - 26 people, including 2 men and 26 women.

Three employees of the boarding house were hospitalized in hospitals, the rest are on self-isolation under medical supervision. The condition of the sick inmates is satisfactory, they continue to remain in the boarding school and receive medical care.

- As it turned out, one woman, the junior nurse of one of the boarding school groups, brought the virus. I note that such boarding schools work behind closed doors. Nobody visits them except the staff, ”Klitschko noted.

The mayor noted that the boarding house is now completely quarantined. Enhanced disinfection measures and a medical examination are being carried out. Rescuers and police are on duty at the entrance to the territory.

Klitschko also said that it is planned to check the pupils and staff of the Svyatoshinsky boarding house for boys, 2 city nursing homes and 4 special institutions for women and men.

As previously reported by the CP in Ukraine, as of 13 in May Ukraine got coronavirus 14 330 person. During the day revealed 483 new infected. 4 473 people (200 recovered during 13 May)). For all the time from the complications caused by the disease, died 473 person (17 per day). Currently active patients 381.

Most of all cases in Chernivtsi region (2600, 84 for the last day) and Kiev (2068, 53 per day). In the Kiev region - another 1094 case.

According to Vitali Klitschko at 12. 13 May, in the capital, the number of deaths increased to 35. The total number of infections in the capital reached 2068 (data on the new outbreak are not included here), of which 182 - recovered. Among the infected during the day - girls who are 9 and 00 years, as well as eight boys from the age of one month to 14 years. HERE you can see the distribution of cases in Kiev by district.

The mayor of Kiev accused those who did not adhere to quarantine during the May holidays in increasing incidence.


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