Jul 21, 2021
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Coronavirus loves vitamins

Coronavirus loves vitamins

Our belief in the power of vitamins is limitless.

It seems to many that ascorbic acid is almost more reliable than the coronavirus vaccine. However, research by scientists shows that vitaminization of the body can play into the hands of the virus.

It’s like a cancer situation. Malignant cells multiply much more actively than ordinary ones, so everything that a patient eats goes to maintain metabolism in them, and normal cells have nothing left – they sit on a starvation diet. There is even an opinion that, regularly taking vitamins in hyperdoses for their own recovery, one can provoke the development of neoplasms. After all, cells are constantly being formed in our body, from which a tumor can grow, but the immune system destroys them in a timely manner. If we spur the growth of such cells with vitamins, then our immunity simply will not have time to send them to waste – they will begin to multiply too quickly. Covid, of course, is not cancer, but there are some similarities between them.

By introducing itself into a cell, the coronavirus forces it to actively produce copies of itself until it exhausts all resources and dies. It is clear that a cell stuffed with vitamins will last longer and produce more viral particles than one that did not receive vitamins. Moreover, this applies not only to coronavirus, but to all causative agents of seasonal infections. And among the vitamins that turn out to be in the role of Trojan horses, A and D fall under suspicion first of all. True, the question of their stimulating effect on the activity of coronavirus has been studied so far only in experiments on animals, or rather, on a pig embryonic kidney cell line in the presence of vitamin and mineral supplements (AMD) enriched with these vitamins. These studies were carried out by scientists under the guidance of Doctor of Sciences V.N. Affectionate. Their results were published in the international scientific journal Veterinary and Feeding.

The results of the study showed that the introduction of vitamin and mineral supplements into the growth medium increases the yield of the virus by an average of 10-50 times. This means that with a vitamin supplement, a person can, without wanting to, become a factory for the production of coronavirus, having produced much more copies of it than if he had not taken AMD.

It is interesting that with the minimum dose of the virus sufficient for infection, vitamins and minerals do not affect its reproduction in any way. But as soon as scientists increase the infectious dose of the virus by just one order of magnitude, they have already received 100 times more copies of it against the background of a vitamin and mineral subsidy. Scientists took another type of virus – less contagious – and found that in the presence of AMD, it reproduces itself not 100, but 20 times more actively. But this is also a lot! A further increase in the infectious dose led to an increase in the number of copies of the virus by 2-10 times.

What does this mean in practice? It’s simple: if a person takes vitamins, then, most likely, this increases his chances of not getting sick with covid. However, after you do catch an infection, according to studies at the cellular level, taking vitamins should be stopped. Because in this case, much more viruses will be produced in your body. So think for yourself, decide for yourself – take vitamins at the peak of a pandemic or refrain from sinning. This is only a hypothesis so far, but we hope that in the near future studies on animals and humans will give an answer as to whether it is correct.

Valeria Koltsova.


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